₹3.85 crore for a 30-second TV advertisement slot!

₹3.85 crore for a 30-second TV advertisement slot! - InsideSport

How much can be too much for a single advertisement slot during the television broadcast of a sports event? What can be the best price brands can agree to pay to play a 30-second TV commercial during the advertisement break? What can be the best number for a brand to find the worth of the millions of dollars spent for a single advertising opportunity on television?

It is easy to answer once you have read the headline. Then the more intriguing question will be which sport can attract these numbers? Which event can invoke such awe-inspiring response from brands? Which teams or players can attract such commercial values with their presence on the field?

And an even bigger question, will the brands be ready to spend a sum running into millions of dollars, or crores of rupees?

To begin with, let’s address the bigger question first. There are more than one brands ready to pay the premium for the privilege to showcase their brand during the high-octane title clash of a high profile event. There is a brand commitment for a bumper 60-second slot.

Amazon, Lexus, Groupon, Universal Parks, Pringles, Tourism Australia, Michelob Ultra, M&Ms, and Febreze are among the companies to have already booked the premium advertisement slots for them @ $6 million (₹3.85 crore) per 30-second TVC playout. Then, there is beer brand Budweiser to commit to a bumper 60-second slot.

That is the advertisement price and attraction for the National Football League Super Bowl. According to Quartz, advertising spending for the Super Bowl has grown faster than inflation for the last five years in the USA. Data from research firm Kantar reportedly shows the cost has soared 87% over the last decade.

So what attracts these unparalleled values?

The Super Bowl remains the largest televised event in the US. The 2017 Super Bowl live broadcast on FOX has recorded 111 million TV viewers. The number is only bettered in the history by five earlier editions of the event.

One last question. When is the event? Who are the contestants?

The Super Bowl 2018 is slated for Sunday (February 4) as the New England Patriots will take on Philadelphia Eagles in their bid to win the coveted trophy for a second successive year.