WWE Extreme Rules 2020 highlights, results: Best 3 moments from Horror Show at Extreme Rules

WWE Extreme Rules 2020 highlights, results: The destructive night at Extreme Rules ended in a fanatic way. As the Extreme Rules kicked off with the Kevin Owens took on Murphy so that Murphy could not become the hurdle in the later match “An eye for an eye match” between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio. This Extreme Rules resulted out one of the best events in recent times in WWE. Five- championships were on the stake, including two deadly and career-ending matches “Swamp Fight” and ” An eye for an eye” which battled out the most terrifying matches of the night.


However, We had three new champions at this night and two champions who successfully retained their championships respectively.


So all you know at the moment, the top 3 moments from this ferocious event Extreme Rules.


3) WWE Extreme Rules 2020 highlights, results: “An eye for an eye” match Rey Mysterio become the victim of it 


This bizarre match started with Rey Mysterio, who stroked Seth Rollins first in the ring and tried to take the momentum on his side. But Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins attacked Rey Mysterio with unleashed kendo Stick and tried to pull off the eye of Mysterio. But it was Mysterio who hit the frog splash on the Rollins for his maniac. It was not the end as both these superstars gave their almost every inch to pull off each other’s eye. And this catastrophic match pushed its all limit and at last, it was Seth Rollins who got the victory over Rey Mysterio by pulled off his eye. And Mysterio immediately was taken by the doctor’s team for medical treatment. And after the match, Seth Rollins did not seem very convinced with this victory as he left the ring in dismay and puked on the stage.



2) WWE Extreme Rules 2020 highlights, results: “Swamp Fight ” Wyatt showed his fiend attitude to destroy Strowman


This was one of the most terrifying matches which ever took place in WWE. When the old companion Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman faced off each other in this scary battle it was just pure chaos and nothing else. Braun Strowman stood firm initially in the match when Bray Wyatt tried to play mind games with him. This match shooted at the off-location since this match included some deadly alligators into it.


Their battle lasted for more twenty-five minutes but surely they had taken more efforts than it was. Since it was all dark and gloom, and Wyatt took Strowman to his haunt house or say Firefly house. The nervousness and terror could be seen completely on each other face and as they battled out until Strowman aggressively kicked Wyatt into the water. But the demon Wyatt came out from nowhere to shock Strowman and emerged victorious over him in this nightmare match.



1) WWE Extreme Rules 2020 highlights, results: The twist of tale in WWE Women’s championship fight; Sasha Banks New Champion


It was one of the most shocking and Bizzare matches that happened at this event. The match started between the RAW Women’s Champion Asuka up against the challenger Sasha Banks and her Co. Bayley joined her ringside. As everybody was hoping this match to be the best of the night and it almost did so. Both the superstars tried every skill to knock out each other by giving German suplex.


Asuka was almost there to pin the Sasha Banks when Asuka tried to spit green mist on Banks but it turned to spilled on the match referee. And later, Bayley took advantage of it and wore the referee’s dress counted 1,2,3 and helped her friend Sasha Banks to become the doubles champion. But it will be  interesting to see whether this victory is acceptable or not.