2022-2023 FIH World Cups: Executive Board to announce hosts in November

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Lausanne, Switzerland: After having received a request from several bidding countries to delay the decision on the 2022-2023 FIH World Cups hosts – originally planned for June – in order to give them more time to finalise the governmental guarantees, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has decided to postpone the announcement of the hosts to the Executive Board meeting scheduled on 8-9 November 2019.

Governmental guarantees are essential for the staging of FIH events, which explains why this decision was taken.

As announced in February, FIH has received the following bids:

For the preferred time window 1-17 July 2022:

– Germany: Men’s or Women’s World Cup

– Malaysia: Men’s World Cup

– Spain: Men’s World Cup

For the preferred time window 13-29 January 2023:

– Australia: Women’s World Cup

– India: Men’s or Women’s World Cup

– New Zealand: Women’s World Cup

The last FIH World Cups were successfully held last year in London (Women’s) and Bhubaneswar (Men’s).

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