2026 Winter Olympics: IOC reveals $925m contribution plan

The International Olympic Committee has confirmed that it will contribute $925 million towards the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. The plans are revealed in IOC’s recently published Host City Contract Operational Requirements.

This follows the publication in March this year of the HCC principles, which enable the full implementation of the Olympic agenda 2020 recommendations and set out the general guidelines governing the relationship between the IOC, the host city, region or country, the National Olympic Committee (NOC) and the organising committee for the Olympic Games, as well as their respective financial and contractual responsibilities. The operational requirements form the final part of the host city contract, IOC has stated in its official release

The new version of the document will apply to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2026 and previously elected hosts, in line with the process agreed between the IOC and the respective organisers.

More than ever, the requirements strengthen the IOC’s ongoing effort to support hosts in delivering cost-effective, successful and legacy-enhancing Olympic and Paralympic Games. The updated Operational Requirements reflect outcomes of Olympic Agenda 2020’s the New Norm, which is a series of 118 measures that provides cities with increased flexibility in designing the Games to meet long-term goals and guarantees that they receive more assistance from the Olympic Movement.

In addition to ensuring the activation of the New Norm reforms, the Operational Requirements address the organisers’ commitment to respecting and protecting human rights in all matters related to the organisation of the Games.

Also included in the HCC is an IOC contribution estimated at $925 million for 2026, based on broadcast and The Olympic Partner (TOP) sponsorship programme revenues, the host broadcasting services provided, and transfer of knowledge activities.

IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi said, “This is another significant step in making the Olympic and Paralympic Games a reality for the communities that have the ambition of hosting the world’s biggest sporting event. We are enabling the organisation of Games that will be sustainable and create lasting legacies for their citizens, while also reducing complexity and costs.”

The measures embedded in the new contract are the next step towards achieving maximum potential savings of $1 billion for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and $500 million for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The document also supports the drive for continued integration and collaboration with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the governing body of Paralympic sport. The agreement includes the principles, timelines and milestones, guarantees and conditions required to sustain the Paralympic Games as an international multi-sport, multi-disability Games. In alignment with the New Norm, this also includes a further merging of requirements for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.