$209 million 2018 FIFA World Cup bounty for clubs

$209 million 2018 FIFA World Cup bounty for clubs - InsideSport

The World Governing body for football, FIFA has earmarked $209 million for the football clubs for their “contribution to the successful staging” of the World Cup. The clubs which supply squad members for next year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia can look forward to massively increased payments of around $8,530 per player, per day.

A letter specifying detailed procedures to get a share of the benefits has been circulated to member associations. The letter is signed by the FIFA secretary-general Fatma Samoura.

The $209 million committed by FIFA are nearly triple the figure of $70 million stipulated for the purpose four years ago for Brazil 2014 and over five times more than the $40 million paid after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

The payment for each player becomes effective two weeks prior to the Russia 2018 World Cup inaugural match between the hosts and Saudi Arabia and continues for a day after the players’ respective team’s elimination from the tournament. However, it is mandatory that a player must have been registered with the club two years prior to the date of his team’s last match in the World Cup.

The big increase was signed off in 2015 as part of an extension of a collaboration agreement between FIFA and the European Club Association. European clubs, as employers of most of the world’s leading players, will assuredly receive the biggest payouts, with the top earners in line to get up to $5 million.

In 2014, Bayern Munich, the leading club in world champions German team, has pocketed the highest $1,734,367. The amount was well over $400,000 clear of Spain’s Real Madrid in second place. A total of 396 clubs affiliated to 57 national associations were allocated a share of the benefits.

FIFA’s original budget for 2015-18, published in its 2013 financial report, has also earmarked $120 million for Club Protection Programme payments to the clubs of players who get injured on international duty.