3 PUBG Rumors that are pouring In after PUBG Ban in India

  1. Safe to use VPN
  2. Reliance will buy the shares and it is going to be un-banned in India soon
  3. FAU-G is a replacement of pubg

Is it safe to use VPN?

It is not right to use VPN to play PUBG as the game is currently banned in India, it would be illegal and going against the government’s decision on the ban.

Second reason why you shouldn’t be using VPN is that you accept the ‘Terms of Service’ of the game, in this u accept to not use any third party apps with the game, so by violating this your ID will get banned by PUBG.

Reliance has a history with PUBG, in July Jio partnered with PUBG Lite to offer customers free skins and in-game merchandise, this and reliance saying the want to be a part of the Indian gaming, has led to speculations that Reliance is going to put out PUBG shares and the game will get unbanned in India anytime soon.

But the reality of this is that the game will remain banned for a long time, for the government to revoke the ban.

Players are being impatient and jumping to conclusions at this point, lets support the unban but not speculate.

FAU-G was announced a few days after PUBG, the game received a mixed response. FAU-G is still in development and won’t be out to play for a while, the assumption brew that FAU-G was a replacement of PUB-G and that N-Core gaming who are the developers of the game later said in a statement that

FAU-G isn’t an alternative to PUBG Mobile that has recently been banned in the country stating threat to national security. Unlike PUBG, FAU-G will not be a battle royale game. The game will lessen players about crucial incidents of the country like the Galwan Valley clash and the value of Indian soldiers.