Chinese Super League clubs have spent Rs. 3000 cr to buy stars


The bill for shopping for the best talent around the world for Chinese Super League clubs has now crossed $450 million (approximately Rs. 3066 crore) . The amount is now far exceeding what is being spent by the biggest leagues in the world.

These football clubs have wooed the best footballers and coaches offering mouthwatering contracts around the world.

During 2015, Chinese Super League clubs had invested $244 million in getting the right talent for their sides. In comparison, all the teams in the English Premier League put together spent $220 million.

In the same year, teams in the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1 had together spent $170 million for acquiring players.

This kind of spending has catapulted China into the top football spender in the world.

Traditionally, the football transfers market around the world has been dominated by England, Germany, Spain and Italy. Clubs from these countries together spent $451.3 million in buying talent from overseas during 2016. China has managed to break that stranglehold.

Tavez welcomed to China. Pic: Sky Sports

According to the FIFA Transfer Matching System’s latest annual Global Transfer Market Report, China overtook France, Portugal and Russia in 2016. It spent more than two and a half times on players in 2016 than during the previous 12 months.

The investment by the clubs have seen a rising trend. Chinese clubs spent almost 17 times as much as they did in 2013. The figure was 344.4 per cent more than the rest of all other Asian countries put together.

There are 16 clubs who are part of the Chinese Super League, driving the country’s ambition to become a global football powerhouse.

Oscar’s signed up for Shanghai SIPG. Pic: The Sun

Tavez’s $85 million deal managed to swing it for him. He was earlier playing for Boca Juniors in Brazil. Similarly, Oscar, earlier playing for Chelsea chose to join Shanghai SIPG after a $70 million deal.

Globally, the number of international transfers during 2016 hit 14,591, crossing the 14000 mark for the first time. The number of transfers during 2015 was 13,601. With football spreading in China and India in a big way, the number of transfers could rise further as new clubs hunt for the stars to join their leagues.