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Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Spanish FA rejects LaLiga’s proposal for Barcelona-Girona tie in Miami

Spanish Football Association has rejected the LaLiga proposal to host the Barcelona versus Girona league game in Miami, the USA. However, the LaLiga Supremo...

LaLiga: Barcelona vs Girona in Miami hits another block, Spanish PM rejects plan

LaLiga’s US expansion plans, still afloat in the air of scepticism, have yet again faced a stumbling block. Now the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez, Fifa...
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LaLiga, Barcelona & Girona seek Spanish FA nod to stage match in US

LaLiga clubs Barcelona and Girona, along with the organisers of Spanish top-tier football, have applied to seek permission from Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)...
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After FIFA president, Spanish FA red flags LaLiga US plans: Report

As the opposition to LaLiga’s expansion plans in the United States and Canada continue to mount, The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) –  Spain’s...
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Barcelona ‘u’ turn completely derails proposed LaLiga match in Miami

A U-turn by FC Barcelona has fully derailed LaLiga’s ambitious plan to host the Barco-Girona game in Miami. For once, LaLiga has given a fair...
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LaLiga campaign to seek support for proposed league games in the USA

LaLiga has now resorted to generate a mass movement in support of its ambitious plans to host the League games in the USA. The...
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LaLiga threatens legal action against FIFA for rejecting US games proposal

LaLiga has threatened legal action against the FIFA after council members had rejected the Spanish Premier Division football leagues’ proposal to host some of...
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Juventus expands Asian footprints with Wanbo Sports deal

Italian football giants Juventus have announced a multi-year deal with Chinese sports media company Wanbo Sports. The deal will see Wanbo Sports become the regional...
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Real Madrid president Perez too opposes LaLiga fixtures in the USA

LaLiga US expansion plans, continuously reeling under myriads of controversy and opposition, have yet again added another block before seeing the light of the day. Real Madrid...
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Barcelona vs Girona likely for the first LaLiga match in USA: Javier Tebas

Barcelona and Girona may play the inaugural LaLiga game in the USA. LaLiga chief Javier Tebas has said that there is a 90% possibility of Barcelona and Girona playing...