adidas celebrates #TheRealKashmir with first pro football club from Valley

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The emergence of Real Kashmir Football Club as the first I-League team from the State has given a hope and positivity to the Valley, which for decades has been battling with unrest and paranoia.

The Real Kashmir Football Club, rising from hardships, challenges and uncertainties with sheer grit, dedication and determination, has become the first football team from the valley to play I-League. The club in its first year in I-League has gone far beyond an elevation to India’s top division national football league with a 1-0 drubbing of defending champions Minerva Punjab.

The peak is scaled during the journey of a mere 2 years since the inception of the Real Kashmir Football Club.

Real Kashmir Football Club sponsors adidas India have joined the team to create #TheRealKashmir campaign to celebrate the passion put behind forming the club that will potentially make Kashmir the emerging destination for football.

“At adidas, we firmly believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives, and now we are getting to live and see it in India. adidas aims at redefining the ‘Real’ Kashmir through the lens of sports and becoming the proponent of positivity and changing lives in Jammu &Kashmir through football. Real Kashmir FC is the flagbearer of positivity, and they epitomize our brand message Here To Create Change,” says Sean Van Wyk, Senior Marketing Director at adidas India.

#TheRealKashmir film is a narrative shot from the point of view of an octogenarian Kashmiri who has seen the beauty of the valley taken over by the unrest and paranoia. Through his lens it shows to the audience how Kashmir is changing yet again, but this time it’s football, that is bringing the transformation.

The 2.5-minute film goes live across 4 digital platforms from 29th October. The film captures the emotions of an old man who is sitting on the stands of a mighty football stadium reminiscing, how he has seen it all change for the better and how he has felt football bringing in a positive change in the valley. It takes the audience on a journey, highlighting the efforts made by club fighting through the second division of I-League into the finals, garnering support from the locals.

Film concludes by revealing that the protagonist, Umar Mir is visually impaired yet could feel football change the valley for the better through his unbiased, unadulterated vision. In that conclusion the film beautifully transcends all history and leaves the audience with a powerful yet silent message –  If a visually impaired person can feel the positive side of Kashmir through sports, why can’t the world around him feel it, with their eyes open.

The point of the campaign is about making every Indian a harbinger of change and positivity. Over the years, people have only been focusing on negativity in Kashmir. It is about time that the valley is seen through a new lens with a new perspective.

Conceptualized by Cheil WW India and supported by Real Kashmir and adidas, the film is the second leg of the month long initiative to reinforce the story of Real Kashmir and effectuate positive change in the valley through sport.