AEW’s Jim Ross believes he doesn’t have any problem working with Andrade following his release from WWE

WWE – Jim Ross makes comment on Andrade future with AEW: Andrade’s situation has become in recent days one of the great talking points for everyone in the industry.

About a week ago it was announced that the Mexican wrestler had requested the release of his contract with WWE, however, the company rejected it. Within days, Andrade announced on his Twitter account that the rumors were true and that he had asked for his release from WWE.

The Mexican situation became one of the topics of conversation and Jim Ross recently joined it. The AEW commentator spoke about Andrade and his situation in WWE during the Grilling JR podcast hinting that Andrade would have something thought out of Vince McMahon’s company.

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“I am surprised that he asked for his release during the time of the covid. You sure wouldn’t want to ask for your release if you don’t have a place to go. A place where you can establish stability and a little financial security. I don’t know if he has that or not. I am not so familiar with Andrade’s work ”.

WWE confirms that Andrade has decided to leave WWE

The AEW commentator continued talking about Andrade’s issue stating that WWE does not release him from his contract for fear of All Elite Wrestling. “For me, it recognizes that WWE is very aware of AEW, that we are not that shitty company that Triple H said we would be at the beginning,” the commentator stated. Ross did not hide when criticizing Andrade’s work, however, he left him open to working together one day. “He’s a good worker, don’t get me wrong, he looks great but right now he hasn’t differentiated himself. He’s another boy, a very talented boy. Would I like to work with him one day? Why not?”.