AIBA dispute leads to lock out at Lausanne headquarters


International Boxing Association (AIBA) headquarters at Lausanne, Switzerland, has been locked by the police department over a dispute between the federation president, C K Wu, and his opponents.

Police were called to eject rival factions from the building on the Maison du Sport International, the home of several International Federations in the Swiss city, Nick Butler has reported for

The Swiss authorities are currently ruling over who is the rightful owner of the building. A verdict was expected over a 48-hour period. Till then the entire AIBA staff was forced out of their office premises, bringing all the operations to a halt.

This is the latest twist in a dispute which has the seen AIBA Executive Committee members demanding the resignation of Wu during a two-day meeting in Moscow.

Wu had instead called an Extraordinary General Meeting for three months’ time believing the National Federations will support him. His opponents, however, have taken matters into their own hands and have formed an “Interim Management Committee”.

A notice was reportedly pinned to the door claimed that a motion of no confidence has been called against Wu.

The notice, according the French news agency AFP, read:

“Dear AIBA employees,”

“Please be informed that the AIBA executive committee have passed a motion calling for a vote of no confidence in the current AIBA president, Wu Ching-Kuo. In addition, motions were passed enabling the establishment of an interim management committee to manage the work of AIBA and AIBA headquarters and the organisation of the extraordinary congress. Consequently in this moment of transition it has been decided to close the office for the remainder of this week. The staff are being offered these three days as holidays.

Meanwhile, AIBA executive director William Louis-Marie said in a statement has said: “AIBA condemns in the strongest possible terms the latest tactics of its Executive Committee, under the unrecognised ‘Interim Management Committee’, to attempt to illegally seize control of the organisation’s headquarters in Lausanne on the morning of July 26.

“Their actions have not only prejudiced the operation of AIBA and the livelihoods of all of its employees, but threaten the forthcoming AIBA World Championships in Hamburg, undermine its capacity to fulfill its duty towards its 201 National Federations and finally contravene AIBA statutes and Swiss law. A representative of this committee has since been removed from the premises by Swiss police, but AIBA’s headquarters must now remain closed pending the decision of the relevant authorities.”

Wu, elected AIBA President in 2006 when he defeated Pakistan’s Anwar Chowdhry, has been under fire over a multitude of problems relating to finances as well as competition issues during last year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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