AIGF releases ‘Online Games: A tool for learning & development’ report

All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), the apex Industry body for Policy Advocacy for online Gaming in India, has released a report ‘Online Games: A Tool for Learning & Development’ in New Delhi. The report highlights experts’ opinions by leading educationists, pro – gamers, mental health experts, psychologists, and gaming developers who aim to create positive awareness about digital sports gaming.

The reports was launched Olympic medallist boxer and Rajya Sabha MP MC Mary Kom. “While the conventional thinking is to categorise all forms of digital gaming as harmful, careful research and analysis indicates that there are many positives that accrue from Digital Sports Gaming. In today’s time, with the growing digital infrastructure, eSports can reach out to an innumerable set of people in different cities who do not have a proper sporting infrastructure and provide them with a platform to showcase their skills,” said Mary Kom.

“It is needless to mention that all gamers need to be cautioned against the overuse of online games at the expense of other physical activities.”

Based on the overall theme of the report, the launch was followed by a panel discussion wherein experts like Fatima Agarkar (Leading Educationist & Founder – KA Edu Associates), Ms. Ishita Pateria (Counselling Psychologist & Founder – State of Mind), Mr. Lokmanyu Chaturvedi (Pro Gamer),  and Mr. Dibyojyoti Mainak (General Counsel, MPL) gave insights on advantages of digital sport games, gaming methodologies used in teaching,  enhancement of life skills, mental aptitude, lowers stress, better hand – eye coordination, critical thinking and  psychosocial skills through gaming etc.

Expressing his views, All India Gaming Federation, CEO, Mr. Roland Landers said, “The proliferation of digital infrastructure, high-speed internet and growing technology have led to a tremendous growth in the online gaming industry. There are an estimated 300 million mobile gamers in India. The number of digital gaming companies has also seen a rapid rise. In digital sports gaming players like Mobile Premier League (MPL) and First Games from the PayTM stable taking the lead in driving growth in this sector”

As opposed to the popular notion experts from diverse fields have mentioned that there are definite advantages of digital sports gaming. Just as physical exercises help in reinforcing and improving one’s muscles, Digital Sport Games can also help indulge one’s brain in constant stimulation, thus enhancing their cognitive skills.