Alibaba set to bring E-Sports to Asian Games


Alisports, the sports affiliate of e- commerce giant Alibaba, announced that it’s partnering with the Olympic Council of Asia to bring e-sports to the 2018 and 2022 Asian Games, held in Jakarta and Hangzhou respectively.

According to news report in Tech in Asia, The Alibaba off-shoot is betting big on e-sports, or competitive computer gaming.

It invested US$14.5 million to start the World Electronic Sports Games, an e-sports championship. It plans to put US$150 million in total into the genre.

The global e-sports economy grew 41 percent year-on-year to hit a revenue of US$696 million, according to research firm Newzoo. China and South Korea account for 22 percent of the revenue pie.

Asia-Pacific as a whole will contain 51 percent of e-sports enthusiasts in 2017, Newzoo projects.

According to a report by a China  Daily carried in The Drum News,  Alisports will carry out a digital marketing strategy as part of the partnership, combining real-time sporting events with a digital platform to expand the market and increase advertising value for OCA and major sponsors.

“We look forward to further collaboration with Alisports on digital sports concepts along with sporting events,” said Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah, president, OCA.

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