Alonso’s brand signs multi-year deal with McLaren

Fernando Alonso - InsideSport

Fernando Alonso’s Lifestyle and Clothing Brand has signed a multi-year deal with McLaren F1. The brand will serve as the British team’s official surfwear partner from January 2018.

With this deal, Alonso becomes F1’s only driver-sponsor. Alonso has founded Kimoa in March 2017 that currently sells its products in more than 150 countries.

“As a double-world champion who has been racing in Formula One for 16 years, it can be tough to find new challenges in life. Kimoa is an exciting project that I started with a group of friends. We worked closely together as we developed the brand, and it really reflects our spirit and our style,” Alonso said in a statement.

“Founding Kimoa has given me that fresh start, and I’ve really enjoyed experiencing the adrenaline buzz and sensation of discovering something new for the very first time.

“I’m truly delighted about Kimoa’s new partnership with McLaren. Seeing the Kimoa logo on my Formula One car, overalls, helmet and cap next year will make me and my co-founders feel extremely proud,” Alonso added further.

As per the agreement, the brand Kimoa’s logo will appear on McLaren’s race cars, driver overalls and helmets. The logo will also be displayed on Alonso’s team kit and driver cap.

Although it’s uncommon for racing drivers to sponsor their respective teams, Alonso and McLaren executive director Zak Brown haven’t strayed from going against the grain throughout 2017. “Through all of my conversations with Fernando over the past year, I’ve seen just how committed he is to making Kimoa a success,” Brown said in a statement.

“He (Alonso) regards this as an ambitious personal project that neatly complements his regular role as a grand prix driver,” added Brown.

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