Amazon likely to deliver a jackpot for Premier League rights

Amazon likely to deliver a jackpot for Premier League rights- InsideSport

Amazon Prime is tipped to bid for the Premier League media rights. The Premier League rights auction is expected later this year and Amazon may well become the game changer as broadcaster aim to garner the media rights of one of the most premium football properties.

Amazon’s entry will mean a windfall for the Premier League. Amazon has financial muscle and potential to change the commercial dynamics of Premier League broadcast rights.

The Premier League media rights will be up for grabs for a three-year cycle, starting with the 2019-2020 season.

Amazon has also been approaching leading Premier League clubs for non-live, off season content. The Seattle-based first had reportedly approached clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City.

There are certain indications from Amazon Prime’s Seattle headquarters that the American e-commerce and cloud computing firm is working seriously on its Premier League bid plans.

With the likes of Facebook, which has committed an awe-inspiring INR 3,900 crores in a failed bid for the 5-year IPL digital rights, Google, Twitter and Netflix expected to be gunning for the precious PL rights, Amazon’s entry is tipped to escalate the rights value.

Amazon’s purchase of ATP tennis tournaments will give them experience of handling live sports events on their streaming service platform.

Premier League games are already earning $11.4 million per match. Amazon’s strong financial muscle will push these numbers several notches higher.

However, the Premier League might not make a similar gains if the current Pay TV rights holders Sky and BT Sport don’t face other competition to renew their rights. Both are not keen to commit much more over the values they have been paying.

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