Among Us best Mods in the game, Check how to get them

Among Us best Mods in the game, Check how to get them

Among Us the widely popular multiplayer cross platform game has mods and cheats like most other games out there. Now using mods to look cool is totally fine, but this also brings us the problem of 12 year old’s using hacks to win. The whole point of the game is just to have fun and some players have the sad misconception that only winning is fun. Anyway lets take a look at the best, most fun Among us mods that keep the game fun for the people playing with you as well. A fair warning to those looking to take on this endeavor, though: Downloading skins from third-party websites runs the risk of also downloading malware, so users should be advised to find a trusted source. Additionally, it’s generally recommended for users to not mess with any game’s files, though this is necessary to get these skins.

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Character skin mod

This are some awesome fan-made pop culture skin mods. You can jump into Among us as Pikachu, Pac-man, Mario skins, Brian from family guy, even as a Fall Guys character and as anything else you can think of. The best place to get your free skin mods is Gamebanana, the site includes a verity of skins and mods. There are thousands of character skins mods, here’s our favourite:

Mario & Luigi Skin Mods

Pikachu Pet

Pac man Ghosts

Among Us proximity chat mod
Oh how we love this one. This mod allows players near each other to speak to one another in game. drastically alters the way Among Us can be played, and opens up new avenues for strategies in the game. Although the mod isn’t fully fleshed out yet, it does appear to have a lot of potential for future games of Among Us. Here’s a clip of someone playing with this mod.

The mod can actually scare you at times and will definitely take time to get used to it. You can use it to your advantage for sure, but we wouldn’t call it cheating I suppose. This kind of communication allows the crew to share information when near one another, and helps them coordinate in a way that reduces the risk of sharing information with the imposters. it also allows the imposters to coordinate as well. If the imposters are able to find a secure location to discuss their plans, they can strategize and move in sync with each other. It adds an interesting dynamic to the game, but it will take some experimentation to figure out what works for you and your friends.

Mourning mini crewmate

This mod is a small one but a fun one nonetheless. The mod gives you a mini version of you that follows you around, If and when you are killed by the imposter your mini me sits by and cries for you. It can definitely be a fun thing to show your friends and have a good laugh.

The mod’s discretion reads- Does your kid just stare into space unaware that you were just slaughtered or ejected into the depths of space? This mod fixes that! Now your child will be traumatized and be forced to come to terms of the implications of death! Welcome to the real world kid!

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