When Animal Husbandry Minister heads a sports association!

When Animal Husbandry Minister heads a sports association! - InsideSport

Few will form a better synergy between their power and responsibility than Mr Om Prakash Dhankar. The man is the State Animal Husbandry Minister in Haryana. He is also the head of the Boxing Association in the State, which is producing more champion boxers than any other region in the country.

The man is in a position of power as a State minister and also in a position responsibility as the patron in chief for boxers in the State. There is an effective synergy between his power and the responsibility. Boxers need doodh & ghee and Mantri jee’s Ministry as it would be described in chaste Haryanavi is a river of doodh & ghee.

The Mantri  jee has resources and the needy (the boxers). So why should he be dependent on any other authority for the benevolence and benefit of those “in need”.

The man worships cows for what they offer as the divine mothers. And, he understands as a patron what wonders can the cow milk do for the boxers, who even otherwise are giving wonderful performances. But, for a sportsperson to grow, no performance is enough till the time a sports administrator is credited incredibly for the success of the sportsperson.

Sportspersons sweat. Only, policies produce precious metals!!!  Of course not by putting potatoes in a machine.

Back to the rare medley of Animal Husbandry charge and the boxing body in-charge, who understand better than anyone else the “benefits” of cow’s milk for boxers. After all, both are the areas of his expertise. Or, at least that belief has to be there for his survival in both the positions.

Here comes the outcome from that power, knowledge and belief. Mantri jee’s ministry will contribute for the welfare of the sports federation under his authority. The boxing association chief has announced a reward for his champion boxers and the minister within that ‘association chief’ commits to grant that award. Or, a generous minister announces an award and a sports association president within that minister gracefully accepts it. The one who has offers;  the one who needs accepts and the ONE gets credited for all.

The Minister-cum-State Boxing Association president has an opportunity to announce something big at the felicitation ceremony of six girls from the State, who had returned from the Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships in Guwahati with medals in their kitty.

And there comes the big prize for each one of the – a cow, divine cow – for the milk that will benefit the boxers more than anything else. “(Unlike buffalo’s milk) cow’s milk contains less fat and is beneficial for boxers… a cow is very active, while a buffalo sleeps most of the time,” says the minister.

You become what you eat. Thus, consume cow’s milk and become agile, don’t sleep in the ring. Why care for coaches… why care for gymnasiums. If milk can make agile; grazing cows, caring for them, managing cow dung will also make them stronger. Smart. The minister is yet to count the latter two benefits the cows will have for the winners.

What is the point of winning a prize if it’s not received on the big stage! Amidst claps and cheers. As it happens with the prizes and awards in federations and ministries – the announcements are “real”. Beyond that who cares, who follows

But, the Minister and the Association president cares for his boxers and he is expected to follow with his ministry for a door delivery of the BIG BRIGHT PRIZE.

Sakshi Malik must be wondering, if she were a boxer. The Rio Olympic bronze medallist has got a cow as a prize. But that was made of silver. Several kilograms of so called precious metal. But no life. No use! No milk. No agility. No career growth. Is wrestling association president reading? What is your ministry sir? If you have one! At all! Else the poor wrestlers will have to manage with their practice and coaches only.

Nothing comes without a price tag. So the champion girls had the task to justify the all-powerful association president’s wisdom. So here is what they have learnt with experience. “Sometimes when we travel, my mother packs pinnis (sweets), made with store-bought ghee. But we will now have pinnis from homemade ghee,” says a champion boxers, as she awaits the door delivery of a cow.

Cow is precious. So it’s not for all. Will the other sports achievers from the State be honoured with this coveted prize. “That is up to the sports department. I can give what I have. If somebody has honey, he will give them honey. If somebody has ghee, he will give them ghee. I am the agriculture minister, and I can give the girls cows. I am also the president of the Haryana Boxing Association, and we want all these boxers to win more medals at the world level,” says the Minister who has given what he has.

Meanwhile, the travellers in Haryana will be praying that the Hon’ble Minister does not get the duel responsibility of  the Animal Husbandry and the Transport Ministries. After all bullock carts have their own benefits. A synergy between the bel and the gaadi ministries of the Mantri ji will have a ready formula to curve the menace of fuel emissions  – the bel-gaadi doesn’t emanate smoke. It doesn’t pollute.

Let him has his way. The Capital City of India will no more be in a position to accuse the neighboring agriculture State for a smoky blanket over its horizon.