Apex Legends’ Season 8 gameplay trailer shows off the new Legend

Apex Legends’ Season 8 gameplay trailer shows off the new Legend

Apex Legends’ Season 8 gameplay trailer shows off the new Legend: Respawn Entertainment has launched a new 80s-style action trailer for Apex Legends season 8 and Fuse is looking strong. Along with the glimpse of the game’s new Legend, the trailer also shows us a little bit of the newly-destroyed Kings Canyon map.

The trailer’s centre of attraction has been Fuse and we get a good look at what he is capable of doing so far. In the trailer, it looks like Fuse has a wrist-mounted grenade launcher that can be used for throwing grenades at the enemies. He could also be seen dropping a cluster of napalm onto the map that set the ground on fire for a long time after it was used. These two could be his Tactical ability and his Ultimate. However, his Passive is still undisclosed as of now.

The trailer also brings to light a new version of the Kings Canyon. The map is a wreck after a ship crashed into it. We don’t see a lot of damage that was caused by the crash, but we do see a few new entrances that were caused by the massive holes.

The newest weapon that is going to be added Apex Legends Season 8 is the 30-30 Repeater. Originally the weapon was seen for the first time at the developer stream, according to Gfinity. Data miners say that the icon for explosive ammo has been in the game for almost a year now, so there is a huge possibility that Apex Legends could get its first explosive weapon.

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Apex Legends season 8’s commencement has been announced for February 2, 2021, and is going to have the battle royale’s 16th Legend: Fuse. The game’s developer Respawn Entertainment announced.

Siding with the theme “Mayhem,” Apex’s action is being ramped up by vast measures. The trailer is a four-minute short story showing the nitty-gritty of the relationship between Fuse, the Season Eight’s new character, and one of his oldest friends. The trailer also gives viewers a two-week heads up before the new season arrives.