Arsenal to fly in style in the new Emirates Airbus A380

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Arsenal, Emirates

Arsenal FC is ready to take off in style. Quite literally!

The club announced on Instagram that the players were going to have a new mode of transport. A new Airbus A380 with pictures of players plastered on it will now ferry them across cities.

Ozil, Sanchez, Cazarolla and other teammates can be seen on the picture near the rear of the plane. Giroud and Bellerin also have their pictures alongside.

Arsenal, Emirates

The 238 feet long A380 Airbus plane can cruise at an altitude of 43,000 feet and, should the need arise, can travel up to 8000 nautical miles.

The Gunners need to do a lot of travelling, beginning February. The plane includes an on board shower and a fully functional bar. Provided by the club’s sponsors Emirates, has beds for all the players and staff across two decks. Importantly, the entertainment system spoils the players with 2,500 radio and television channels to choose from.

The club has slipped to the fifth place, needing to fight its way to the top again. With a lot of travelling on the cards for the Champions League, the players do need some comfort.

Arsenal, Emirates