At 44, Sachin is master of marketing strategies


For sheer cricket lovers April 24 is the birth day of the God of Cricket. To talk runs, records and numbers of feats the batting maestro has accomplished. For market gurus, it is to revisit the lessons a sporting icon can give beyond the confines of classrooms walls at Harvard and IIM business schools. Like his game, there is a strategy, a planning behind his commercial moves. The timing is perfect – just like the array of shots emerging from the blade of his bat.

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Sachin does not believe in missing an occasion. His 44th birthday will see the release of the first song of his biopic – A Billion Dreams. Composed and sung by another legend – AR Rahman. Hind mere jind is not just a musical treat to the legend. There is also a sense of timing ink promotion for the Sachin biopic. The one-minute teaser, followed by the 2:43 minute promo have garnered close to three crore youtube views. Then follows the release of the song. On a day when Sachin will be talked about the most on all mediums.

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In the commercial world, it has been a long successful journey for Sachin ever since Kapil Dev has passed him the secret of the Boost energy. His first tryst with lights, camera, action was the band-aid commercial in early 1990s.

Sachin, in commercial promotions has had shared the celluloid space with Indians cinemas two greatest icons – Amitabh Bachchan for Pulse Polio and Shah Rukh Khan for AirTel

The more than two-decade journey has seen Sachin playing to the camera as a seasoned pro. In commercials for Canon cameras, Castrol Activ Lubricants, a series of Pepsi promotional ads, from Action to Adidas shoe brands, Insurance brands to NECC egg promotions, Reynolds pens to Fevistick gluestick, driving MRF on commercial screens.

At his peak the man with 13 Guinness Book records to his credit endorsed 18-20 brands commercially. Today, his is more selective. Country’s highest civilian award has come with added socio-economic responsibilities. Being a member of the Upper House of Parliament also warrants his commitments and care for the society. That makes Sachin extra cautious on calls to associate with brands.

But there is a market. “Brand Sachin Tendulkar has evolved to a mature category. This shift has also resulted in newer product segments being interested in associating with Sachin,” says  a spokesperson for his brand managers. Market now awaits the release date of A Billion Dreams. Success of biopic will also be detrimental to the success of Brand Sachin

There is a market for the 44-year-old Sports icon. The ambassador of social causes. The market brand. Over five crore followers on social media establish that this tiny, giant cricket is among the most– if, not the most – followed personalities in the country. The Brand Sachin is bound to shine beyond 44.