Balance sheet of sport-entertainment Super Couples

Balance sheet of sport-entertainment Super Couples - InsideSport

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have now become a 100 million dollar celebrity super jodi for Indian cricket, entertainment and brand market. The richest alliance of the sport and entertainment super couple, however, remains David Beckham and wife Victoria Caroline Beckham.

The highest paid football star for 2017 Gerard Pique and partner Shakira are second on the list, but a majority of the $260 million joint net worth comes from Shakira’s financial profile. analyses the financial sheets of three super couples, who may have some relevance to Virushka’s celeb quotient.


David Beckham and Victoria Caroline Beckham are undisputedly the richest sports-entertainment super couple with a combined net worth of $ 750 million, which is almost 1,000% of what all Virat and Anushka will possess together. Interestingly, the ex-celebrity footballer Beckham and the fashion designer, model, signer Victoria have been on a par in their individual net worth.

David Beckham and Victoria's Net Worth - InsideSport


Spanish and Barcelona Footballer Gerard Pique and partner Shakira are yet another sports-entertainment celebrity super couple with a multi-million dollar combined net worth. The Colombian singer, lyricist and dancer Shakira, precisely 10 years elder to her footballer partner, takes the lead in couples earnings and combine worth of $260 million even as the latter has been world’s highest paid football star for 2017.

Gerard Pique and Shakira's Net Worth - InsideSport


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not a typical sportsperson-entertainer couple. They are no more a couple. Separated now. The super couple has formed a co-identity Brangelina, just like Virushka for Virat and Anushka. The Brangelina-Virushka connect draws a good comparison between the erstwhile Hollywood celebrity pair and the Indian cricket-cinema icon Jodi No. 1

The duo collectively held a net worth of $ 400 million prior to their separation. This is how the ex-couple stands on financial charts:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Net Worth - InsideSport

Pitt’s reported offer of $100 million divorce settlement though happens to be a shade above than the INR 610 crore ($ 95 million) collective net worth of Virat and Anushka. The symbolic data is accumulated from various reports and studies.