BAN vs SL: SLC gives one-month deadline to sign contract as cricketers threaten to quit

BAN vs SL: Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has given 1-month deadline to sign contract to Kusal Perera & Co after they threaten to quit
BAN vs SL: Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has given 1-month deadline to sign contract to Kusal Perera & Co after they threaten to quit

BAN vs SL: Sri Lanka cricket is going through a rough patch with mixed on-field performance and continuous dispute with the board. As the team, led by Kusal Perera, is touring Bangladesh for a limited-overs series, the players’ lawyers are fighting a battle with the board over pay disputes. As things stand, both are adamant in their demands with SLC wanting the players to take a pay cut and offering a new contract system while players demanding to reveal all the fine details of the contract. Ashley de Silva, Sri Lanka Cricket’s member of the managing committee, said the players have only a month’s time to sign the contract while the cricketers have threatened to quit if the contract details are not revealed.

Ashley de Silva said that the contracts have been finalized and amended as per players’ demand. “The contracts have been finalised. The players have appointed a lawyer and they wanted certain amendments to be done in the agreement which our lawyers have done. Now we are in the process of sharing it with the senior players. So far nobody has said that they are not going to sign it,” De Silva told Daily FT.

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BAN vs SL: “The current team to Bangladesh has gone on a tour agreement and they have been given the new agreement to go through and if anybody wanted to sign it, they could. I haven’t got the feedback from the manager because they took off yesterday morning,” Ashley De Silva added.

His comments came a day after players’ lawyer said that several cricketers from Kusal Perera’s side threatened to quit if the contract is not amended. Under the new contract system, players have been divided into four categories with a new point system. Players will accumulate points on fitness, discipline, leadership, overall value to the team and performance in international and domestic cricket in the last two years. However, when the board said it would not reveal the point system, players threatened to quit en masse due to lack of transparency.

BAN vs SL: “Each individual player very correctly believes they are entitled to a disclosure on the points allotted which categorised their ranking. Transparency would also create unity and harmony. All players are in unison seeking this information. Transparency is paramount so that the players also know how they were assessed and what weaknesses they need to address,” Nishan Sydney Premathiratne, the lawyer who is representing the players told Sunday Times.

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However, as things stand, the board is heading towards putting the rift aside as de Silva said that contracts have been amended and handed over to the Kusal Perera & Co to sign.

BAN vs SL: “The amended contracts were handed over to the players yesterday (Saturday). Either they will sign it in Bangladesh or when they come back. Other players who are in Sri Lanka we would be sharing it on Monday. We will give the players time till the end of the month to sign the new contracts,” Ashley de Silva said.

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