‘Bankrupt’ Becker battles to stop auction of his trophies, house

Boris Becker - InsideSport

Boris Becker is battling to stop the auction of his tennis treasure, which has been put on auction after the tennis star was declared bankrupt. A sale of his precious assets was ordered last June after he was declared bankrupt.

Boris Becker had denied bankruptcy and said that his lawyers are getting a restraining order to stop the sale of his trophies. “Next week, my lawyers in England will apply for a restraining order to stop the auction,” Becker had told Germany’s Bild am Sonntag tabloid on Saturday.

The sale was ordered after the 50-year-old Becker was declared bankrupt last year and his assets were seized by creditors.

Becker is said to have debts of $72 million (£54million). The auction intends to raise $1.33 million (£ 1 million) to cover some part of the debts.

The three-time Wimbledon champion is having a torrid time as he faced courtroom battles in the recovery and divorce suits.

Becker had claimed diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy proceedings in London by producing a “forged” diplomatic passport as Central African Republic’s sports envoy. The country’s foreign minister had declared the passport a “clumsy fake’ and said that he was launching an inquiry into who issued the document.

However, Becker has insisted that he received the passport at an official ceremony. He also maintained that he was not bankrupt and he would clear all his debts.

The Renshaw Cup trophy and full-size replica 1989 US Open winner’s trophy, a racket Becker used at the 1988 WCT finals in Dallas and his trademark Lotto kit were among the items seized to put on the auction.

The Renshaw Cup trophy Becker received as the youngest male winner of Wimbledon aged just 17 in 1985 was to be put on sale as a base price of $10,600 (£8,000). Auctioneers expected a much higher value for the trophy.

Becker had also put his mansion in Majorca, currently occupied by squatters, on sole for $ 12 million (£9million). Becker bought the estate with his former wife Barbara Feltus in 1997. He has been trying to sell it for a decade.

According to media reports, Auction house Wyles Hardy & Co, of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, has been estimating the value of his trophies and memorabilia which cannot be removed from his or his mother’s homes.

Becker earned about $ 133 million (£100million) during his career but was declared bankrupt over an undisclosed sum owed to a private bank. The court in London ordered his assets and property to be disposed of to meet his debts.