BARC Ratings: SS 1 Hindi remains market leader despite losing eye balls

Star Sports 1 Hindi continues to be the market leader even as gross impressions have fallen sharply. However, numbers always not provide the correct picture. That certainly is the case with the ICC World Cup audience count for Week 29 (July 6 to 12) on Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) television ratings.

Gross impressions of the most-watched sports channel Star Sports 1 Hindi, the leader among all genres, have gone down considerably simply for the fact that except for the two semi-finals – India-New Zealand on July 9 and England-Australia on July 11 – there have only been two inconsequential league games on July 6 and there was no World Cup action  scheduled on the remaining four days for the week taken into consideration for the ratings. Albeit, India’s semi-final against the Kiwis was forced into the second day by heavy rain.

The first semi-final between India and New Zealand has been the most watched sports genre programme for the week. Gross impressions for the game have gone down in comparison to the most watched show for the previous week. Rain splitting the match into two days has caused a split in gross impressions as well. India being there has enabled the Round Ronin stage math against Sri Lanka garner more eye balls than the second semi-final. Elsewhere it is the mid-innings shows of the India-New Zealand match to figure in the top five most-watched shows charts.

WEEK 28 : Most Watched Sports Shows
Rank Show Channel Impressions
1 WC 2019: India-New Zealand LIVE Star Sports 1 Hindi 2,49,47,000
2 WC 2019: India- Sri Lanka LIVE Star Sports 1 Hindi 2,08,40,000
3 WC 2019: Mid Innings show LIVE Star Sports 1 Hindi 1,00,41,000
4 WC 2019: Mid Innings show Star Sports 1 Hindi 79,17,000
5 WC 2019: Australia-England LIVE Star Sports 1 Hindi 74,61,000
*All India (U+R): NCCS All : 2+ individuals/ratings period : July 6-12, 2019

There is no significant change in the top five sports genre channels’ position, except for Star Sports First re-entering the table at the cost of Star Sports 1 Hindi. But each channel and positon has lost in numbers significantly, re-emphasising the fact that in Indian sports nothing sells like cricket and nothing much sells on the days when there is no impactful cricket.

Week 28: Gross impressions collapse
Rank Channel Impressions
1. Star Sports 1 Hindi 1,10,57,47,000
2. Star Sports 2  28,58,90,000
3. DD Sports 26,56,33,000
4. Star Sports 1   12,11,20,000
5. Star Sports First     8,89,55,000
*All India (U+R): NCCS All : 2+ individuals/ratings

Period – July 6-12, 2019

The keenly-contested ICC World Cup final on July 14 that went in favour of hosts England for a controversial and highly debatable playing condition will be the lone clincher for Star Sports and Sports genre next week, which will be heading for a major shift in top five positions as lack of significant cricket content restores parity between the key players.