“Battlegrounds Mobile India may release today” Technical Guruji on PUBG Mobile’s relaunch in India

"Battlegrounds Mobile India may release today" Technical Guruji on PUBG Mobile's relaunch in India

There’s no end to speculations regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India release. Word in the community is that the game is releasing on 18th June, in the third week of this month. Moreover, some believe that another official trailer of the game is likely to drop anytime today. Among all these rumors & predictions, yesterday, in his Tech Talks video, Technical Guruji has also joined the cue & suggested that the game itself is releasing today.

Check out his take on Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date. Watch from Timestamp 4:47 – 5:40

According to him, a ‘solar eclipse’ theory that was viral quite a while ago, might prove to be correct. Hi believes that this a strong hint from Krafton that the game is indeed releasing on 10th June.

Insight for those who weren’t aware of this, previously, in May, Battlegrounds Mobile India posted a community update on their official social media handles that features a Level 3 Helmet eclipsing a beam of light. Now it might seem bleak, but geeks on the internet immediately came up with a theory. They suspect that the game is releasing on the day of the next Solar Eclipse, which is on June 10th. To some, it will hardly make sense but many bought this theory of PUBG teasing the launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India via this poster.

Technical Guruji on Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

In his YouTube Video, Technical Guruji shared “Krafton has dropped a number of teasers for the game and reports suggest that the Battlegrounds Mobile game might be releasing in India tomorrow. Another speculated date is June 18th, 2021 but there are strong hints that the game might be released as soon as June 10th.”

He further added “If you have already pre-registered for the game, you might find the game already downloaded on your device. Let’s see what happens. The game may release tomorrow because the very first teaser that was released by Karfton seems to be hinting a solar eclipse.”

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Karfton also has recently posted “it is almost time”. Now, let’s see if Technical Gurujis’s faith in this theory still stands true after today. And if not, at least, be assured that we are very close to an official launch.