Battlegrounds Mobile India: What are the chances of an 18th June Release?

Battlegrounds Mobile India: What are the chances of an 18th June Release?
Battlegrounds Mobile India: What are the chances of an 18th June Release?

Battlegrounds Mobile India: What are the chances of an 18th June Release? Battlegrounds Mobile India has been making headlines since it was announced on May 6th. The game has drawn a lot of attention recently, especially with celebrities in the gaming community fueling the speculations about the release date. With each passing day, we are coming one step closer to the official release of PUBG Mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India. But fans of the game can’t get enough of the hype surrounding it. In the live chat section, streamers are repeatedly getting asked about the official release date, and they are handling it quite smartly.

Now, word in the town is, there’s a high chance that the game is releasing on 18th June. Fans of the game have tried to confirm this in the live chat of Mortal & many other streamers. Yesterday, in an uncanny manner, Dynamo hinted how many days there’s left till an official release announcement. But it’s not clear which number he specified, it can be anywhere between 5 to 12. Check what he said from timestamp 1:00 in the video below.

On his recent stream, Mortal addressed this query. According to sources, he shared that the game is indeed releasing in the third week of June, but the date, 18th of June, isn’t confirmed yet. Right now, it can be any date in the third week including 18th June.

Previously, Naman Mathur aka Mortal joined the speculations by teasing the exact release date in a tricky manner. Mortal, the cool-headed champ, was one of the very few content creators who has been very uptight about any leaks. But seems like even he’s not able to hold the excitement. Referring to the exact release date, Mortal took his twitter account & posted “12345, the date consists of with a few of these numbers”


Similarly, another PUBG Mobile influencer Sagar Thakur aka Maxtern tweeted a binary code that translates to 18062021. As per his tweet, Battlegrounds Mobile India may release on June 18.

Ghatak, on the other hand, has been the source of major updates about Battlegrounds Mobile India. He even posted lengthy YouTube videos addressing all the queries & concerns people are having regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India. In addition to his daily Instagram Updates, this time he posted a tweet that claims Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to release in the third week of June.


While the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India has already begun, no official launch date has been revealed by Krafton as of yet. Although, Krafton has been regularly teasing the launch of the game via the official social media handles. Riding with all the hype, Krafton recently thanked the players as the game amassed 20 Million pre-registrations in a span of few days. Further, in a press release, they mentioned that the release date will be announced at a later date. Each & every teaser that has been posted on the official handles has been getting millions of hits within a few hours. This demonstrates how eagerly the community has been waiting for the re-launch of their favourite Battle Royale.

While it is still not officially confirmed by Karfton but it seems all the influencers in the community are putting their bets in the 3rd week of June. The community is also holding on to that hope. There have been a few hiccups regarding the game’s relaunch since the announcement but it seems this time the game will have a smooth release. That said, coming to the question ‘When?’, for that, we must wait till the official announcement.

If you still haven’t pre-registered for the game, follow this link to get your account registered. Link:

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