Bayley finally breaks her silence on her friend Sasha Banks in the latest episode of WWE Smackdown – 05 September, 2020

WWE SmackDown Highlights: Bayley and Sasha Banks were all set to face Nia Jax & Shyana Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Championships in the latest episode of SmackDown Live. As this match started with the dominance of Jax & Baszler power and ‘the Golden Role Models’ remained squashed against them throughout the match. However, Bayley and Banks failed to win this Championship match and Baszler and Jax retained their titles successfully.

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Nevertheless, what happened after that it was predicted days ago and it finally happened in this latest episode of SmackDown, after their match Bayley lose her calm and attacked her Tag Team friend Sasha Banks and gave her a hell of a ride.

Bayley throws Sasha back in the ring and stomps on her. Bayley slams Sasha into the mat. Bayley yells at Michael Cole and asks him if it’s boss time. Bayley tells Sasha she deserves all of this and attacks Sasha’s bad leg. She grabs a chair and gets back into the ring. Banks kicks Bayley away but Bayley hits her with a knee to the face. Bayley places Sasha’s head in between the chair and climbs the second rope. She jumps off and lands on the chair.

Banks was later taken on stretcher with the help of medical staff and WWE team. All this relentless assault now have turned a new mode and there are chances that Banks will be looking to challenge Bayley once she recovers from this attack of Bayley.

And who knows if we see Bayley vs Sasha Banks at Clash of Champions 2020. Since we still have three weeks for that and this could lead us to this expected storyline which every WWE fans want to see.