BCCI barred from buying IPL match tickets for free distribution


The Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) in charge of BCCI has this year disallowed any expenditure on purchase of IPL passes/tickets by the Indian cricket board to distribute among its officials and officers of various government agencies.

According to Hindustan Times news report, it is widely assumed that the money to buy these passes sometimes run into crores.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Committee of Administrators (CoA) head Vinod Rai confirmed that there has been an embargo.

“I had only said that BCCI will not buy tickets to give them on a complimentary basis to officials or VIPs,” he replied.

The tricky issue came to the fore when the office of a top Board official , who had quit the the BCCI post earlier this year on the orders of the Supreme Court, had purchased tickets last year during the 2016 World Twenty20  but failed to provide details of the  distribution.

Asked about this, the CoA confirmed and said that the decision to embargo any sale of tickets had to be taken mainly after the incident.

‘That was the reason. Office of the former president bought Rs 76 lakh worth of tickets and distributed them as complimentary. When the auditors asked  (them) to whom, they claim ( ed)  the laptop containing details was lost. The amount remains outstanding. Hence my embargo’ says Rai.

The embargo has left the officials in a tizzy. As per the rules 5 percent of the tickets are reserved for the BCCI and 15 percent for the state bodies. Out of those 5 percent , sponsors and stakeholders take their share, leaving only a handful for  Board officials to entertain other parties.

IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla while speaking to Hindustan Times  said : ” Sometimes, in case of high demand , especially in Delhi and Mumbai, the reserved quota wouldn’t be enough as there are too much obligations . So there was a provision for the Board to purchase tickets for officials”.

These were meant to oblige government officials and agencies. Now however that quota has been removed.

Acting Board president C K Khanna had this to say on the issue : ” The purchase of the tickets through the Board has been the trend for the past many years . But this year the Board officials are complying with the CoA directives”.

Though there has been some demand to bring in some relaxation for the last few matches from officials, they are so far making ends meet by adjusting out of each other’s quotas.