BCCI Meeting : Jay Shah can’t attend meeting, according to government nominee to BCCI.

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After a long time BCCI has scheduled a Apex Council meeting on July 17th to decide the way forward on the scheduling of Indian cricket and other important matters.

But there is a hitch. The Secretary of the Board Jay Shah cannot attend the meeting according to Alka Bhardwaj, the government nominee to the BCCI. Mirror has reported that the government nominee who is part of the council as representative of the CAG has said that only eligible members should be allowed to attend the meeting.

“Alka Bhardwaj has written to the members seeking discussion on appeal before the Supreme Court and reconstitution of the Apex Council at the July 17 meeting,” a council member told Mirror.

Why Jay Shah is not eligible to attend BCCI Apex Council Meeting

As reported by InsideSport earlier, as per the new constitution prepared under the Lodha committee reforms, secretary Jay Shah’s tenure ended last week. He completed his six years in cricket administration last week. Before becoming the BCCI Sec, Shah was the joint secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Constitution. The new constitution says administrators have to take a three-year cooling-off break after six successive years in any state unit or in the BCCI.

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The norms of the new constitution will also apply on the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. As per the same 6 year norm, the former Indian captain will complete its tenure by 27th July. Going by the same rule Joint-secretary Jayesh George’s term gets over on September 23. Meanwhile, BCCI on behalf of these senior board functionaries have appealed in Supreme Court seeking a revision of the rule, but the appeal is yet to come up for hearing.

Agenda of the BCCI Apex Council Meeting on July 17th

The BCCI has scheduled the meeting on July 17 with an 11-point agenda. Along with IPL 2020, discussions on domestic cricket, Team India’s Future Tours Program, payment for north-eastern states, tax-related matter with regard to next year’s T20 World Cup in India, National Cricket Academy facility in Bangalore, appointment of new staff in the BCCI, extension of digital service for BCCI are some of the points in the agenda for the meeting. But the government nominee first wants discussion on the eligibility of the key office-bearers according to the report.