BCCI releases official handbook for players

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The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators on Friday has released the BCCI handbook – 100 Things Every Professional Cricketer Must Know – as part of Justice Lodha Committee recommendations.

The document will now be BCCI’s official Cricketer’s Handbook. It has ten sections on various topics related to professional cricket, which will guide young cricketers.

This handbook has been prepared with the principal objective of providing a professional cricketer with useful information about various topics that could be relevant. The BCCI believes that the resulting awareness has many advantages and can help with:

– Increasing knowledge about matters that affect a cricketer’s career;
– Developing a deeper awareness of a cricketer’s performance and confidence in dealing with any issues;
– Receiving greater appreciation from members of cricket community and the public;
– Achieving greater control of one’s decisions – both personal and professional;
– Having the ability to identify the right people to associate with and build relationships;
– Increasing the avenues to network and multiplying opportunities to grow;
– Knowing the relevant things to share and therefore, inspire others;
– Identifying the aspects that serve the larger interests of the sport and of society.

Click on the image to download.

Hindi and English language prints of the handbook will be released shortly.