BCCI sending notice to ICC; CT participation in jeopardy


BCCI State associations are working on the process to revoke the International Cricket Council Members Participation Agreement. A letter to the world governing body of cricket is likely to be dispatched in next few hours. BCCI will ask ICC to remedy the breach (caused with amendments which have taken away BCCI’s major rights) in the MPA.

The BCCI will invoke clause 6.4 of the MPA, which empowers the parties to the agreement (ICC member boards) to terminate the MPA if there is any material changes that are materially adverse to the member to (i) the structure of the Finance and Commercial Affairs Committee of the IBC (ICC Business Corporation Board); (ii) the structure of the Executive Committee of the ICC Board; (iii) the membership of the Commercial Affairs Committee of the IBC Board or the Executive Committee of the ICC Board; or (iv) the percentage of ‘Contribution Costs’ of IBC receivable by Member as approved by the IBC Board (This shall in principle apply to in the BCCI case) ; or (d) if there is any other material change to any of the resolutions passed by the ICC Board in Singapore on 8th February 2014 (as amended by the ICC Board in Dubai on 9th April 2014) that (i) has not been approved in advance by Member; and (ii) has a materially adverse effect on Member…”

There is a consensus among the BCCI state associations on sending the notice to the ICC. “We are not opting out of the Champions Trophy at this stage. We are serving a notice to the ICC to cure the breach in stipulated 30 days. The decision is arrived at in a fully democratic manner. All State association, except for Vidarbha (the home State of the ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar), have a consensus on this way forward,” a senior BCCI administrator told InsideSport.co on condition of anonymity. “If they don’t remedy the breach in stipulated 30 days, we are ready to pull the plug.”.

Is BCCI then going to announce the team for the Champions Trophy. “We will wait for the ICC move,” says the official, adding that “if they (ICC) take a decision to resolve the matter on the 28th day, we won’t even have time to get players visas.” Even if the notice is dispatched on Tuesday (May 2, 2017) the 30-day notice period will be over on June 1, the day Champions Trophy is slated to begin in England and Wales. The move certainly jeopardises the possibility of BCCI sending a squad for the quadrennial limited overs tournament.

A BCCI SGM is slated for May 7th to decide on the ICC matter, among other IPL-related matters. But the State associations are not ready to wait till then. It is learnt that CoA chief Vinod Rai is not in favour of making any move before the SGM. “Choudhary will be talking to him (Rai) to appraise him about the majority decision. There is no reason the CoA will not consider country’s interest,” the official added.

The tough but drastic stance is adopted by the BCCI six days after India was outvoted 13-1 (nine Full Members, three Associates plus the ICC chairman – Manohar) on the proposed new ICC financial model at the Board meeting in Dubai last Wednesday. The new model reduces India’s revenue share to $293 million. The BCCI’s share under the 2014 ‘Big Three’ model stood at $570 million.

The eight-year MPA, in force till 2023, also includes the World Cup to be hosted by India in the last year of the agreement. The BCCI bigwigs believe that conceding to the ICC designs will have major long-term repercussions. “It is not about these eight years only. The consideration was to continue for the next cycle as well,” says the official.

Some BCCI insiders fear India’s international isolation in case the MPA is revoked. But Choudhary had categorically rebuffed that during an interview. “The force of the market — India can never get isolated. India will never get isolated irrespective of what happens in the future.”

Two BCCI office bearers – Amitabh Choudhary and Anirudh Chaudhary – conducted a teleconference with the board members and decided to issues the notice. The meeting lasted nearly 20 minutes was also attended by former BCCI chief N Srinivasan from London along other 12 members took the call to issue the notice to remedy the breach. Apart from Tamil Nadu and Vidharbha, cricket associations’ representatives from Jharkhand, Saurashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam, Cricket Club of India, Baroda. Jammu & Kashmir and Railways attended the teleconference.