Beckham joins Manchester United’s Class of 92 as Salford City co-owner

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David Beckham’s latest business investment has reunited him with his Manchester United teammates, better described as the Class of 92. The former England and Manchester United star striker has become the co-owner of the English lower division football club Salford, which derives more value and headlines for its star-studded ownership than the level of presence in the highly-competitive English football structure.

David has reunited with his former Class of 92 team-mates as he has bought a minority stake in Salford City. The former England captain has bought a 10 per cent stake in the National League club, joining Gary and Phil Neville, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt as joint-owners.

Singapore-based Peter Lim is the largest shareholder in the club which competes in the fifth-tier of English football. Salford City has been promoted three times in four seasons since the ‘Class of 92’ group first invested in the club prior to the 2014-15 season.

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Former captain of the England team, Beckham in a statement declared “It’s a proud moment for me. Along with Beckham, each of the Class of 92 stars now owns a 10 per cent stake in the club. It’s a really special club and a special group of people, my early years in Manchester were all spent in Salford so to be able to finally join the lads and the club today is a great feeling. Salford City has achieved so much success in a short space of time.”

The football icon also expressed how impressed he has been with the work done so far by his former team-mates The Class of 92 took over Salford City in 2014 with the financial help of Singapore businessman Peter Lim.

Ownership of Salford City Football Club includes Singapore business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor Peter Lim (40%); English football coach and former Manchester United player Gary Alexander Neville (10%); England women’s national team coach and Gary’s brother and his ex-teammate at Manchester United Phil Neville (10%); ex-Man U man Nicky Butt (10%); ex-Welsh and Manchester United star Ryan Giggs (10%); former England and Man U midfielder Paul Scholes (10%) and now David Beckham (10%).

Between them the former United team-mates now own 60% of the club. Lim remains the single largest shareholder. Beckham has wanted to be on board for some time but has recently been busy establishing a new MLS franchise in Miami.

A Class of 92 statement said: “From the very beginning we wanted David to be involved and now the time is right. We have grown to love this club and we would like to welcome David to the club.”

Speaking at the Press conference, Gary Neville admitted the owners were delighted to finally land Beckham. “David was initially asked to come in four, five years ago but timing, and his project in Miami, it wasn’t possible,” he said.

Beckham was the big news and Neville revealed he is due to travel to Salford in the near future. “David brings varied experience from his playing days having played in Europe and America and we are learning about sport and business. Peter (Lim) provides that stability and guidance for us. “We can’t be presumptuous that he will be accepted but we are confident. David will come to Salford in the next two or three weeks and will attend a game as soon as possible once the FA has accepted him.

“We don’t know how long it will take for the FA. We applied today so obviously the FA are seeing the documentation for the first time today. David has signed documentation but you have to enter the process to be a fit and proper owner.”

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