Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: CNPC, Sinopec Group sign as official oil and gas partners

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics organising committee has signed CNPC and Sinopec as official oil and gas partners.

The OC of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics has signed partnership deals with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group). CNPC and Sinopec Group have been announced as Official Oil & Gas Partners of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics  2022. The two companies have joined as top-tier sponsors of Beijing 2022, an arrangement that will see the two share marketing rights in the Oil & Gas category.

Zhang Jiandong, Vice-Mayor of Beijing and Executive Vice President of Beijing 2022, signed the partnership agreements with Xu Wenrong, Deputy General Manager of CNPC, and Li Yunpeng, Deputy General Manager of Sinopec Group, respectively.

“Both CNPC and Sinopec Group are major energy companies in the world and both were Official Partners of Beijing 2008. Beijing 2022 will bring precious opportunities for the two companies. For its part, the Organizing Committee will work hard to ensure that both benefit fully from the Olympic brand,” Zhang Jiandong said

Zhang Jianhua, General Manager of CNPC, said, “CNPC will take advantage of its strong presence in Beijing, Hebei and nearby areas to provide Beijing 2022 with high-quality and reliable oil and gas supplies.”

Dai Houliang, Board Chairman of Sinopec Group, said, “Sinopec Group will cherish this second opportunity to serve the Olympics by actively taking part in Beijing 2022’s venue construction and supplying the Games with important resources such as clean energy.”

Beijing 2022’s Marketing Program has seen great success since its launch in February 2017. The signing of CNPC (oil & gas) and Sinopec Group (oil & gas) brings the total number of Beijing 2022 Official Partners to eight, in addition to Bank of China, Air China, Yili Group (dairy products), ANTA (sports apparel), China Unicom (telecommunication services) and Shougang Group (urban regeneration services).

CNPC is the third largest oil company in the world and the largest in China, with oil & gas assets and interests in over 30 countries. Sinopec Group, on the other hand, is China’s largest oil and petrochemical products supplier and its second largest oil & gas producer. It is also the world’s largest refining company and second largest chemical company. Meanwhile, in terms of total number of gas stations, it is second to only one other company in the world.