Bengaluru FC goes Premier League way

Bengaluru FC

Premier league clubs did it. Bengaluru FC is following. The trick is intriguing. It intensifies fan engagement. Before the news surfaces, twiterrati is already trending predictions and assumptions. The best in the world are taking social media route to strengthen fan base at the top. Bengaluru FC, owned by the JSW group, knows how to follow the best and be amongst the best.

The summer transfer season is on and the clubs are vying to strengthen their teams. They follow the social media to create buzz.

The Premier League club, Arsenal did it in style when it announced the signing of Lyon striker Alexander Lacazette. Before joining the team for pre-season training, the forward first appeared in a 30-second video of a photo shoot, only all of the imagery of its unidentified subject is from the neck down. Along with the clip was the tagline, “You’ll never guess who . . .” with a winking emoji.

Following the tweet, the fan engagement started pouring in. Guessing names and asking for the announcement. All this culminated with another tweet from the Gunners, with another video clip revealing the big signing.

Similar was the trend as other Premier League clubs also experimented with this intriguing trick on social media.
This is 2017, after all, so apparently we all speak in hashtags, memes and video games. Thus, it has emerged to be the most creative way to engage fans for any sporting venture.

Sharing the same common thought and following the benchmark set by the elite clubs of football world, Bengaluru FC teased its fans with a following tweet:

The fan engagement and guessing game was escalating on twitter. With fans awaiting the announcement and expecting former Barcelona midfielder Dimas Delgado to be the answer. Dimas currently plays for Australian club Western Sydney Wanderers FC.

Then comes the announcement in style, with the following tweet:

Dimas joins the team on a one-year deal. Bengaluru FC is the new entrant to join the ISL bandwagon. The club owned by the JSW group bid for the ISL joining last month and is one of the team, other than TATA’s to make ISL a 10-team affair.