BGMI India Series: ‘ROG Users are allowed but don’t use triggers’ says Ghatak

BGMI India Series: 'ROG Users are allowed but don't use triggers' says Ghatak
BGMI India Series: 'ROG Users are allowed but don't use triggers' says Ghatak

Battlegrounds Mobile India has upped its game with the announcement of the BGMI India Series. However, many are still confused as well as in a state of worry because Krafton has been somewhat inconsistent with the tournament guidelines. The South Korean developer drew a lot of unwanted attention when they announced in the rulebook that only android users will be allowed to participate in the mega Esports event. Shortly after, Krafton did remove this criteria & changed the eligibility to any handheld devices. That said, they did not change anything about the rule that states players can not use additional equipment in-game to gain unfair advantages such as triggers, Bluetooth Keyboards, and other peripheral devices. BGMI India Series ROG – Ghatak – BGMI iOS – Triggers

Updated rule on the BGMI India Series Rulebook has removed the Android Only criteria
Updated rule on the BGMI India Series Rulebook has removed the Android Only criteria

Now, many players in the community were quite worried about this rule as there are users who use devices like ASUS ROG & Nubia Reg Magic 3 that have built-in controllers. While Krafton has not specifically excluded any device to participate in the BGMI India Series, some users are in fear that they might get ban in the later stages of the tournament.

However, Abhijeet Andhare aka Ghatak posted something much convincing on his Instagram story today regarding this. By assuring the players that ROG users have no fear to get banned in the BGMI India Series he shared, “Yes, phones with in-built trigger senses such as the ASUS ROG Phone and the kind are allowed in BGIS. However, using third-party softwares inside the game isn’t!” making it clear that playes should refrain from using popular fps enhancer software like gfx tools. Ghatak further suggested “Don’t use triggers” as these are strictly ban in lan events.

When the Andriod Only rule was discovered, everybody took this as a clear indication that Battlegrounds Mobile India is not coming on iOS anytime soon. Some are saying that the game may never appear on the Apple App Store. This is heavy for young BGMI Esports aspirants across the country as most players have invested a fortune in buying iOS devices due to the unparalleled gameplay experience it offers. As there is no confirmation from Krafton, many prominent Esports players have already bought flagship android smartphones to better prepare for the upcoming BGMI India Series.

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Will players be able to play BGMI India Series on iOS devices?

With the removal of the Android Only criteria, it does boost the chances of the BGMI iOS Launch. However, nothing is guaranteed as of now and players have no option but to prepare for the tournament on Andriod devices. All that said, there must be a valid reason behind why Krafton updated its criteria in the rulebook. There’s also a possibility that players will be able to play the final stages of the tournament on iPhones as the Semifinals & Grand Finals are scheduled in September-October, which gives the developers a window of more than two months to release the game on the Apple App Store.

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