Bibiano conducts webinars as part of monitoring U-16 wards

India U-16 football team coach Bibiano Fernandes has been conducting three weekly webinars to understand where his wards stand physically and mentally to ensure they don’t run the risk of getting injured when they hit the ground again.

It has also helped him understand how much they have been working on the regular workout routines provided to them.

Asked about the regime he has shared with his players, Bibiano said, “We follow the FIFA 11+ regime. If you go through the schedule twice a week, players will stay fitter and immune to frequent injuries.”

“An injury would be the last thing that I would want my players to come with when they re-join the camp. They are hungry to run now.

“Once they go out for a run when the lockdown is lifted, we need to be extra careful, as they may get injured,” he told the All India Football Federation.

The nationwide lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic has been extended to May 17.

When asked what kind of exercises have been stressed upon, he said, “We are also working on improving their peripheral vision too. While you are inside your room, you can look at the television set and receive the ball actually not looking towards it.

“Even you can look at the mirror and practise kicking the ball to the wall, and receiving it. These are some practices which can be easily practised indoors.”

On workouts the coach added, “I always prefer to use bodyweight for strength and core exercises. Besides, they also carry out some basic exercises like pull-up, push-up, planks, lunges and other core workouts.”