Billiards launches campaign for inclusion in 2024 Olympic Games

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Billiards and Snooker world bodies have launched a formal bid to join the sports programme at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games at a ceremony at the Eiffel Tower in the French Capital.

The bid is supported by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) and the World Snooker Federation (WSF). The world governing bodies for billiards and  snooker hope to leverage the strong growth of cue sports internationally.

Jason Ferguson, President of the WSF told the gathering “today represents an important landmark in what is a serious bid for the inclusion of billiard sports at the Paris 2024 Games.

“With the levels of participation in our great sport consistently increasing and new opportunities being created by the WSF and its partners for people across the globe to be able to pick up a cue, the sport has never been in a stronger position to take its rightful place on the Olympic program.”

According to a statement by the WSF, billiards “has as a proven track record of staging high-quality international events with the World Snooker Tour now comprising 27 major tournaments around the world, with a television reach of 1.6 billion homes.

The Fédération Française de Billard (FFB) made an application for the sport to be considered for the Paris 2024 Games earlier this year. The world bodies have also launched “The a Website at to draw support for the campaign.

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