Bolt’s Tracks and Records aims at 15 outlets in UK

Bolt’s Tracks and Records aims at 15 outlets in UK- InsideSport

After years of setting records on tracks, Usain Bolt is back with Tracks & Records. That’s how the chain of eateries, the eight time Olympic gold medallist is setting up, in the UK will be known as.

The restaurant chain, with target to have 15 outlets running by 2022, will be serving Jamaican cuisine. The menu will offer authentic Jamaican food like jerk pork and chicken cooked on a coal fire, janga soup, rice and peas, rum barbecue wings, curried mutton, fish sandwiches, and the athlete’s speciality – “burgers à la Usain”.

Bolt is not new to the business. His is a partner in the Jamaican franchise company Franjam, which will be expanding the business interest in the UK.

The company has signed a deal with the Casual Dining Restaurant Group, which also runs KFC and Pizza Hut in the UK, to set up the “Tracks & Records” sites. The first Tracks & Records was opened in Kingston, Jamaica, in April 2011, and another has since been introduced on the country’s northern coast in Ocho Rios.

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“I’m happy to be able to share a taste of the Jamaica that I know and love with the rest of the world through the opening of these restaurants across the UK. London has always been a special place for me, and I thank CDRG for giving us the opportunity to share our vision and our culture with you all,” Bold said while confirming his business expansion plans.

Among other commercial interests, Bolt reportedly also want to be a broadcaster and design apparel a la Michael Jordan. He is also keen on extending his sports career by playing football.

The sprinter has an online store where he sells sporting goods and Usain Bolt-branded gear and he had last year announced the launch of his company, Champion Shave, which sells 6-blade razors at discounted prices.