Boycotting India tour of Australia to cost $60 million

Cricket Australia

Australian cricket teams tour of India is heading to be the next casualty on account of the pay dispute between Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers Association. Ashes too is under threat.

After Australia ‘A’ boycotting the South Africa tour, the dark clouds loom over senior team of Australia’s tour to India and then the Ashes. Untold damage was done to the fabric of the game on Thursday when players boycotted a tour. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg if more international matches start being abandoned.

If that happens, CA is going to get a jolt of $60 million .

Australia is due to play Test matches in Bangladesh in August and then ODIs in India in October and following it is Ashes series to kick-off in the summer. The rich sport will see its reputation get trampled for the sake of governing body and players squabbling over money.

Cricket Australia could be slugged anywhere between $60-$100 million by the Board of Control for Cricket in India if they fail to honour their commitments in the all-powerful subcontinent, as per the daily telegraph reports.

The BCCI sued the West Indies for $74 million when they pulled out of a tour a couple of years ago and are currently refusing to confirm to South Africa how many Tests they’ll play there at the end of this year due to a separate falling out.

Boycotting an Indian series could have immense ramifications in the form of broadcasters asking compensation and then BCCI may refuse to play reciprocal tours. And combing all this, it could be hefty loss for CA.

TV rights for a two-Test series in Bangladesh would also be worth millions.

Thus, October is being seen as breaking point in the bitter fight between players and administrators, with pulling out of a tour of India perhaps the players’ greatest leverage against CA, the things are to get messy and dreadful for Cricket Australia.

Test great Allan Border in his recent appearance for Fox Sports News said the situation has gone too far. “To boycott a tour — that’s pretty serious. As an outsider you’ve got to say, ‘does that mean touring India is going to be a problem?,” he said.

“If that happens the Indians are going to have some say about what’s going on — it’s costing us money.

“And then the Ashes. I can’t imagine that not going ahead because of a player boycott. They’ve just got to get in a room and do it now,” Allan added.

However, it’s looking increasingly likely the saga could get truly messy with major sponsors expected to start feeling the pinch.