Bucks vs Hawks Game 2 in NBA Conference Finals Scores: Bucks thump Hawks 125-91 to make the series 1-1

Bucks vs Hawks Game 2 in NBA Conference Finals Scores: Bucks thump Hawks 125-91 to make the series 1-1.

It looks like the Milwaukee Bucks had had enough of Trae Young’s shimmy as they embarrass the Hawks to equal the series before flying to Atlanta.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was everywhere in this game. He scored 25 points, had 6 assists, and 9 rebounds in 29 minutes. Jrue Holiday added 22 points, 7 assists, and 2 rebounds.

The Hawks just could not stop the Bucks from scoring in the 2nd quarter as they went on a 29-2 run. The Bucks scored a whopping 43 points in the 2nd quarter while the Hawks could only manage 17.

From there, it was an easy road for the Bucks who will now face the Hawks in Game 3.

It doesn’t look like the Bucks are going to finish with the 39-point margin Brooklyn inflicted upon them in Game 2 of the second round, but the Bucks are surely happy with a blowout like this regardless of the final margin.

The last question of the night: Milwaukee lost Game 2 vs. Brooklyn by 39. Can they turn it around and win Game 2 against Atlanta by more than that? They’re up 39 exactly right now.

A sad development from this game for the Hawks: Bogdan Bogdanovic again attempted only six shots. He’s clearly not right.

An important development tonight is that Mike Budenholzer seems to have settled on his rotation. Aside from the starters, he’s using Forbes, Portis, and Connaughton, and he’s using them in smaller doses to do the specific things they do well.

It’s been a very well-coached game and a scary development for the teams that might play Milwaukee in the next round.

Essentially, all that’s left to determine is when the starters are leaving this game. It’s only Game 2, and the Bucks and Hawks got a nice rest before this series began, so exhaustion isn’t a major factor right now as it is for, say, the Clippers.

Still, neither team wants to waste their best players on a lost cause, so eventually, you’d figure the best players on both sides would be removed for the night.

Make that 31. The Bucks lead by 31 whole points. They’ve played 24 minutes.

Brook Lopez’s pick-and-roll defense has been night and day compared to Game 1. He’s not giving up the mid-range, but he’s still protecting the rim. Just incredible feet from him. This is the best defensive game of the postseason for him thus far.

Giannis is doing everything tonight. Scoring at will at the rim. Rebounding. He just hit the Hawks with a gorgeous hit-ahead pass. He’s been the best defender on the floor. Just a true superstar performance.

Giannis with another gorgeous spin finish to push the lead up to 11. He has 13 on the night as the Bucks are clearly in control here.

The Last 2 Minutes’ report from Game 1 indicated that Giannis should have been called for two separate 10-second violations in the waning seconds. The officials will be watching him closely tonight to make sure that he isn’t slow.

And just like that, the Bucks have it back up to eight. Both teams are turning defense into offense thus far, but the Bucks are far better at defense, so they’re winning as a result.

A horrible turnover from the Bucks leads to a Trae Young 3-pointer, and all of a sudden, a lead the Bucks nearly got to double digits is already down to two.

The Bucks are getting a bit sloppy on offense here. Their defense has been so good that they still lead by seven, but the Hawks are no strangers to comebacks. Every point counts against them.

A very late whistle sends Trae Young to the foul line. We’ve never seen that before, he said while rolling his eyes at the hundreds of times he’s seen it before.

Bogdan Bogdanovic is not an especially risky foul candidate. He might have two thus far, but as a guard he is unlikely to get to six no matter how much he plays. Doc Rivers made the mistake of limiting Seth Curry’s minutes in Game 7 of the second round vs. Atlanta because of foul trouble, and it might have cost him the series. The Hawks, being as thin as they are, probably acted a bit hastily by removing him.

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