Bucks vs Nets Game 6 in NBA Conference Semi-Finals Scores: Bucks win 104-89 to force a Game 7

Bucks vs Nets Live Game 6 in NBA Conference Semi-Finals: Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets- 18th June NBA Playoffs LIVE stream, watch online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Link, Scores: Bucks win 104-89,will play Game 7 at the Barclays Center

Bucks vs Nets Quarter 4

Middleton draws the foul on the 3. That’s the third time tonight he’s done that, and it might end up being the difference in this game.

Bucks besides Khris Middleton are 2-of-22 on 3’s. Milwaukee is winning in rebounds, assists, turnovers and fouls, but that one component of the game is keeping the Nets in this thing.

Middleton gets fouled on the 3 and now he can push the lead up to 16.

Giannis with the quick layup to push the lead up to 13. Every point is gonna count.

Bucks vs Nets Quarter 3

Middleton again from mid-range. He’s the only Buck who looks comfortable right now.

Timeout Nets. It’s 72-63 Bucks, but this is starting to feel eerily similar to Game 5. The Bucks build an early lead. Durant keeps the Nets afloat.

The Bucks devolve into iso ball on offense. They melted down two nights ago. Let’s see if they can keep it together tonight on their home floor.

Kevin Durant is going at Jrue Holiday in the post, and it’s smart offense. Holiday is a great defender, but he’s so much smaller than Durant. That’s where Durant can and should beat him.

Khris Middleton is answering Kevin Durant shot-for-shot. Without him, this might be a tie game. Instead, it’s Bucks by 11.

Giannis settles for a mid-range jumper on that first possession with some pain. Not a great sign.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is shooting 90% from the field. He has 14 rebounds and zero 3-point attempts. He isn’t actually playing center, because Brook Lopez is there, but he’s playing like a center, and that’s exactly what the Nets didn’t want him to do.

These missed 3’s are killing the Bucks right now. They’re leaving so many points on the table.


The Nets are now 5-of-10 at the foul line. The Bucks are 8-of-12. One of these teams is going to regret those misses.

Jrue Holiday is having a nice day in the mid-range. That’s been huge for the Bucks as they’ve struggled on 3’s.

Harris with the nice cut. If he’s not making 3’s, he’s gotta be able to find other ways to score if he’s going to stay in this game.

P.J. Tucker from the corner. He needed that, he’s hardly scored these last two games. P.J. Tucker from the corner. He needed that, he’s hardly scored these last two games.

Bucks vs Nets Quarter 2

Middleton hits back-to-back 3s to increase the lead to 11 points.

The Bucks have dominated in all areas except shooting. The Nets are 7-of-15 from 3 while the Bucks are 3-of-14

Kevin Durant just got several solid minutes of rest and it didn’t matter. The Nets still cut the deficit to four because James Harden took over the game on one leg.

James Floater is really leaning on that floater tonight. He doesn’t have enough lift to attack the basket.

Milwaukee’s ball-denial while switching has been stellar. Yes, Brooklyn’s injuries are the primary culprit behind their offensive struggles, but the Bucks deserve some credit here as well.

Bryn Forbes is so much more playable for the Bucks now than he was when this series started. With Harden hobbled and Kyrie Irving out, they can’t hunt him as effectively, and that allows the Bucks to keep him on the floor for offense, which is where he’s needed.

Kevin Durant has gone to the bench. He won’t be playing all 48 minutes tonight after all.

Harden for 3 again. Even if he’s just a catch-and-shoot guy and a top-of-the-key passer, that’s a major improvement over his Game 5.

The Bucks are starting to move the ball the way they have in the regular season, and that is a critical development for a Nets defense that has done a great job of turning them into an isolation offense.

Kevin Durant still has not gone to the bench. Will he play the entire 48 minutes like Game 5?

Khris Middleton converts a 3 and is fouled. He heads to the line for a 4-point play.

Joe Harris makes a mid-range jumper. Maybe seeing that late buzzer-beater go in gave him some confidence.

The Nets and Bucks combined to shoot 4-of-19 in the first quarter. It’s cliche, but the team that starts hitting shots first is probably going to be the one that wins this game.

Bucks vs Nets Quarter 1

Block on Jeff Green there and Giannis will go to the line yet again. That’s also two fouls on Green in the first quarter. A dangerous situation for the Nets who have so little depth right now.

Jeff Green makes his first 3 and the Nets are hanging around here. It’s 25-19.

Giannis is 2-of-5 from the foul line tonight. Bucks can’t be thrilled with that. It’s helping the Nets hang around more than they should thus far.

Giannis picked up Durant on that possession, but Durant hit a turnaround jumper in his face. There’s no stopping KD.

Jeff Green shot 7-of-8 on 3’s in Game 5. He’s missed his first three tonight, including that wide open last one.

The Bucks are up six, but they’re only 1-of-8 from 3. The Nets aren’t shooting well either, but there’s more of an explanation there. The Bucks are just missing good looks.

James Harden gets a breather here, he played 46 minutes in Game 5. The logic was apparently that sitting would tighten up his hamstring. We’ll see if that’s the case when he returns.

That’s telling. A healthy James Harden would’ve broken away for a transition layup or 3 on that steal. But he’s not healthy, so it shows. Still, Blake Griffin hits a 3 to give the Nets a 7-0 run. It’s 18-12 Bucks, timeout Mike Budenholzer.

Durant has six of Brooklyn’s nine points. Any thought that he might have been tired after playing all 48 two days ago is out the window thus far.

Holiday hits the mid-range jumper and then the 3 and the Bucks are already up 13, their biggest lead of the night. Of course, after Game 5, the question isn’t whether they can build leads, but rather if they can hold them.

Harden stepback 3! He didn’t make a 3 in Game 5, so that’s gotta feel good for him.

And-one for Giannis! The Bucks have a chance to push the lead up to 11-2. The shots aren’t going in but it hasn’t mattered because they’re getting to the line and exploiting Brooklyn’s size limitations.

Tucker doing a great job of tracking Durant off of screens thus far. That’s primarily why Giannis isn’t guarding him. Giannis really struggles to fight through screens, but Tucker excels at it.

Steal, layup, Giannis. It’s 6-2 and the Nets have looked sloppy thus far on offense. That’s nothing new. They started Game 5 the same way.

Jeff Green misses his first two 3’s and the Bucks are going to the basket early on. It’s 4-0 Milwaukee.

Joe Harris misses his first 3. He just can’t find any rhythm in this series. The Bucks have done a great job defending him, but some of these shots have been clean and just missed.

Bucks vs Nets Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates

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