Bye Bye PUBG Mobile: Top PUBG Mobile players In India who moved away from playing PUBG Mobile after ban

Bye Bye PUBG Mobile – 5 top Indian PUBG players decided to move on in 2020: 2020 is the year to be forgotten. The year where all things bad happened. For the eSports ecosystem and streaming system in India, it was the year of dynamic shift. Many streamers took the decision to stop playing PUBG Mobile after it was banned on September 2, 2020 by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

While big names like Dynamo, Kronten still continue to play and stream the Korean version of PUBG Mobile, PUBG ban has compelled many to take a step back from the game (while complying with the government’s orders). Here’s a list of five streamers who stopped streaming PUBG Mobile:
#5 INDJokerFTW

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Initially a part of Hydra clan, Gourav Joshi, aka INDJokerFTW, was a competitive PUBG Mobile player. However, because of the ban, he made a shift to playing League of Legends Wild Rift. He says “I am waiting for the relaunch of the game but I am not thinking about it much, agar ana hoga to aa jayega warna wait karke dimag hi kharab hota, and wese bhi I am playing League of Legends Wild Rift, to uspe hi focused hu.”
Since he made the shift, his concurrent watching has seen a dip. However he stands very hopeful that the audience will evolve as and when other games become more popular.
#4 8Bit Rebel

One of the most talented streamers, Ayan Ali aka 8bit Rebel, is a multifaceted streamer. Apart from being a part of 8bit as a content creator who mostly played PUBG Mobile on stream, Ayan took the decision to stop streaming PUBG after it was banned. Having said that, Ayan put to use his other talents and recently posted a beatboxing song on YouTube called Rejoice. The song currently has over 5.9 lakh views and can be heard on every stream possible. Four months into the ban, Ayan now plays Valorant for Team Mumbai.

#3 SouL Regaltos

One of the most crucial assets of Team SouL, Parv Singh was the team’s front assaulter. With over a million subscribers on YouTube, Parv has managed to keep his audience engaged with funny games of Among Us, great Valorant gameplays and sheer humour, without even trying. Recently, he has started making Vlogs as well.
#2 Sc0utOP


One of the best competitive players in the country, Tanmay Singh, aka Sc0utOP has been a gem of a find. With over three million and counting subscribers, Sc0ut has managed to keep his audience by his side. After PUBG’s ban in India, Sc0ut plays Minecraft, Call of Duty Warzone, Valorant and occasionally Free Fire. Being one of the top PUBG Mobile players in the country, Sc0ut has been complying with the government’s orders and staying away from PUBG Mobile.
#1 MortaL

The posterboy of eSports in India, Naman Mathur is India’s first professional PUBG Mobile athlete. Mathur, when asked during one of his initial streams after PUBG’s ban in India, about whether he would shift to PUBG Mobile, said, “I will only play PUBGM after it gets unbanned. Till that time I will stick to new titles.” Naman has since tried a lot of new titles on his streaming. Though the audience engagement is low, he hopes that one day the audience would enjoy other titles as well.