CA for arbitration if pay dispute not resolved


Cricket Australia is in favour of an independent arbitration to resolve the pay dispute with the players. The CA chief executive James Sutherland has called for an independent arbitration if the matter is not sorted out in the next few weeks.
Australian media has quoted Sutherland as saying that “I’ve been involved in the negotiations over the last month and while there’s been some progress in that time, I’ve had some increasing concerns about whether everyone is going at the same pace and dealing with this issue with the same level of urgency.”

Sutherland was talking to media on Thursday afternoon in Melbourne. “There are a handful of issues that are unresolved that need to be worked through,” he has said while indicating that a deal with the Australian Cricketers’ Association may well appear earlier than it is being seen.

The CA chief executive also expressed hopes that an “in-principle agreement” should enable the India, Bangladesh tours and Ashes at home go on as per original schedule. However, if that did not materialise Cricket Australia would appoint independent arbitrators.

“No doubt there is a bit of an impasse here,” Sutherland added. “Still, I believe that with right intent and right people in the room this can be sorted in the next few days. Falling that we are prepared to put this issue to arbitration. We accept the umpires’ decision and the game goes on.”

Sutherland also talked about a plan put forward by ACA. “I acknowledge the ACA has put forward a document known as a peace plan. It claims that there could be something like $30 million that flow to grassroots but in that plan like any plan, the devil is in the detail. And certainly, as we do our analysis on that plan, we find that cricket as whole is worse off and certainly our ability to fund greater investment in grassroots is compromised by the way that plan is put together.”

Earlier, Australia ‘A’ side had boycotted their tour to South Africa where they were scheduled to play tri-series against South Africa ‘A’ and India ‘A’ while presently Australia’s proposed tour of Bangladesh and ODI series against India and the Ashes are at risk.