CA fiasco continues despite a revised offer to players


Cricket Australia has sent a revised offer to the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA), making a number of concessions in an attempt to reach an agreement before the July 1 cut off. ACA, however is not considering the offer for now.

In the new offer, which was outlined in a letter sent by CA general manager Kevin Roberts this morning, international surpluses will now be shared by players rather than them receiving a flat rate of pay — one of the ACA’s key demands.

But it is understood ACA’s response will be anything but ‘positive’ and will reaffirm their request for emergency mediation to be conducted at CEO level between Alistair Nicholson and James Sutherland, as per report.

There is one week before the current Memorandum of Understanding expires and on Friday the ACA called for “emergency mediation to rescue cricket from the June 30 cliff,” despite CA’s revised offer.

CA also confirmed domestic players would be included in the sharing arrangement, although it still insists the existing revenue-sharing model, which the ACA is determined to retain, is not an option.

“CA looks forward to agreeing the details of this new offer in further negotiations with the ACA,” the statement read.

Earlier on Friday, the ACA released a statement saying the current talks had “failed to achieve a breakthrough”, and the stand-off was “jeopardising upcoming tours and ultimately the summer of cricket”.

It remains to be seen if this new offer will be enough to end the dispute, with the memorandum of understanding due to expire in a week.