Call of Duty Mobile: Community Cry over Gambling style Microtransactions

Call of Duty Mobile has followed PUBGM footsteps when it comes to microtransactions. The freemium strategy revolves around microtransactions, its how developers make money on a free to play game. Randomized loot boxes have been in effect since the game launched, though recent additions to the store have pushed things a step too far, according to the community.

While console and PC players are able to outright purchase what they’re after, mobile gamers have to cross their fingers and hope that the RNG Gods bless them. This led many to compare the current state of the game to a “casino.” Its like the game is trying to get you hooked.

The community outcry

The despair of the community was felt when Resperas on Reddit broke it down pretty sufficiently when it comes down to bundles: “If you look at the Mace bundle in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it’s sold at 2,400 CP, which equates to $20. The contents inside this bundle holds three legendary items and seven epic items, 10 items all together for $20. Then compare that to the “Desert Survival” bundle found in Call of Duty Mobile, priced at 1,100 CP, which equates to between $10-$15. The contents inside this specific bundle hold just two epic bundles and a battlepass tier.”

“The disparity in value between Modern Warfare bundles and CoD Mobile bundles is immensely large and troublesome,” they said. “CoD Mobile bundles need to be reworked to have higher quality content that matches the pricing.”

Resperas also discusses the Lucky Draws: “Again, if you compare this to the Mace bundle found in MW, you’re paying between $10K-$12K for legendary draws, which equates to over $100, and the draws are highly randomized. Yes, there are folks that get the legendary weapon in under 3 draws, but the system is designed to have players pay for the entire lucky draw. A compromise I’m willing to discuss is making the draw into a premium tier bundle sold between $60-$80.”

To exemplify just how harsh the random drops can be, popular mobile content creator ‘iFerg’ recently made a video on the issue. For just over $300 on loot crates, he came away with just three Rare gun skins and two Rare character skins.

I SPENT 69,000 COD Points and THIS is what I GOT in COD Mobile…

Call of Duty Mobile Respond

The Call of Duty: Mobile faced strong criticism associated with some gambling-like microtransactions from the community, the video game developers responded to the accusations and suggested what measures could be taken so that the situation is improved.

“Based on community feedback and player behavior we arrived at an approach that offered maximum choice to users. We did this even though the bundles group just wasn’t as popular as the non-bundle group. We like more choice. That’s why nowadays bundles, crates, draws, robust credit store, they’re all there.”

“We’ll Keep Reading, Keep Taking in Feedback” – CoD Mobile

According to the developers, this is something that needs to be discussed in length, and they’re going to keep listening to feedback

In a post on Reddit, the Call of Duty developers explained that they would continue taking their customers’ feedback into account and discussing new ways to add further improvements that would enhance the customer experience.

Systems like the one CoD employs border on predatory, and prey upon people with bad gambling addictions (or can help develop those kinds of habits). The need for change is very real. While Call of Duty Mobile is enjoyable, the microtransactions are rubbish.

So right now, we have no definitive answers on what changes could be implemented.