Call of Duty: Mobile Community Update: Holger 26 new LMG, High Noon Chase event, and more


Call of Duty: Mobile Community Update: Holger 26 new LMG, High Noon Chase event, and more. We are only two weeks away from Season 5 arrives and that means it is time to push through all of those CODM Season 4: Spurned & Burned Seasonal Challenges (which are all available as of this week), finish off the Battle Pass, catch that stagecoach in High Noon Chase, and collect those Clan Wars rewards. However, there is still more content coming on the way.

With the announcement of the community update Call of Mobile also introduces a brand-new Mythic drop!

The Holger 26, a new LMG, joined the list of weapons this week in CODM. Today the Mythic Holger 26 – Dark Frontier has surfaced alongside the outlaw Kreugar– Black Hat! This gothic and imperial new weapon contains dark electricity which coursing through its core and gives an upper hand to the player. Like the base Holger 26, it can be adapted to many different sizes and situations. It comes with stylish and slick custom attachments, charms, death effects, and more. Like other Mythic weapons, it aims to impress with a huge variety of customization options that make it stand out and feel truly outstanding.

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Call of Duty Mobile Community update: Upcoming Events in Season 4

Here is a list of the events which will take place in-game throughout the week:
  • 06/11 – 06/24 – High Noon Chase

  • 06/16 – 06/21 –  Secondary School

  • 06/16 – 06/21 – 10v10 Collection

  • 06/16 – Holger Strike Seasonal Challenge (New LMG)

  • 06/18 – 06/24 – Fight Against the Clock: Charged

  • 06/18 – 06/25 – BR Alcatraz

  • 06/18 – 06/28 – Gunfight Sniper

  • 06/18 – 07/01 – Dark Gunman Mythic Drop

  • 06/19 – 06/23 – June Festival Login Event

  • 06/22 – 06/28 – Summer Showdown

  • 06/22 – 06/28 – 10v10 Shipment

  • 06/24 – 06/28 – Midsummer Madness Login Event

Call of duty mobile Season 4 is nearly coming to its end so it’s a great time to have some suits and skins through the event which will take place in these two weeks. While we have all of these usual events going on we can also obtain rewards by participating in Stage 1 of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 presented by Sony!

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