Call of Duty Mobile may introduce Chopper Akimbo in Season 4, Checkout Leaked Gameplay

Call of Duty Mobile Chopper Akimbo, COD Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Chopper Akimbo, COD Mobile Season 4

Call of Duty Mobile may introduce Chopper Akimbo in Season 4, Checkout Leaked Gameplay: COD Mobile has its way of always coming on top as the hotbed for discussions. The reason behind it is the constant gameplay updates pushed by its developers. After each seasonal update, either the meta weapons become unusable in Ranked, or a long-forgotten gun is given so much buff that it becomes everyone’s new favorite. Like recently, COD Mobile has become overrun by .50GS Akimbo users. Now, for Season 4, instead of decreasing the effectiveness of the infamous Akimbo Perk, Call of Duty Mobile developers are adding the perk to an LMG. Yes, that’s right, after SMGs & Pistols, now players will be able to carry the massive firepower of LMGs with Akimbo.

About Chopper Akimbo in COD Mobile

Now to talk about the LMG Akimbo, a gameplay video of ‘Akimbo Chopper’ was leaked by dogebeanie from the test server of Call of Duty Mobile. It is not yet confirmed if this is really coming in Season 4 of COD Mobile, but according to the game files that were found in test servers, the developers are indeed working on it. The gameplay suggests, this special weapon is still in the works as the functions of the gun seems unfinished. The reload feels buggy & has no bullet sound. Additionally, there are flames coming out of both the Choppers’ body which suggests this upgrade may be released with a legendary skin.

Akimbo, is a loadout attachment that can be found in the ‘Perks’ section of some specific guns in the game. As of now, the Fennec & .50GS are the only guns that come with this notorious gunsmith upgrade. Nobody forgot how the game changed overnight after everybody started ravaging the multiplayer maps with Akimbo Fennecs. After wreaking havoc for a whole season, the gun was finally nerfed & everybody had a sense of relief. Well, that did not last long after the .50GS pistol got introduced in Call of Duty Mobile which had the same unfair advantages. It’s been quite some time now & while the developers have addressed many imbalances in the game such as the NA 45, the akimbo .50GS is still dominating the multiplayer mode.

Experts are suggesting not to jump into conclusions right now as the ‘ Akimbo Chopper ’ may not be as powerful as the other Akimbos in Call of Duty Mobile. The hip-fire accuracy seems poor, moreover, as these are LMGs, the movement speed of players will drop significantly. More Season 4 leaks are on their way, however, this definitely overshadows all the other updates.

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