Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 ready to be unveiled, check for these 3 new updates & features

Call of Duty: Mobile will be getting its Season 11 update next week. Fans of the game are eagerly awaiting the update as it would be the anniversary update, which should include a bunch of new content.

Meanwhile Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile recently celebrated the first anniversary of its launch. The battle royale-multiplayer hybrid game has sustained global popularity with users spending nearly 1 billion hours on the Android version in its peak month, reports App Annie.

Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the Call of Duty Mobile Season 11

The developers are quite tight-lipped as to what players can expect. In fact, they did not even release a test server as they wanted everything to be a surprise.


Call of Duty Mobile New Update 1

In recent times, each seasonal update for the Call of Duty Mobile has come with a new map. However, the developers have only teased a Halloween-themed makeover for the Stand Off map, which was something the developers did last year as the first update for the game. So there should be even more in store when it comes to the addition of new maps.

Call of Duty Mobile New Update 2

The team at Call of Duty: Mobile had also confirmed that they were working on adding a night mode to existing maps in the game. However, it is not yet known if that will be included in the Season 11 update, or will be added in a future update. There have also been calls for the developers to reintroduce a Zombie Mode to the game and what better time to do so than in October when Halloween is celebrated.

Call of Duty Mobile New Update 3

While the developers have not said which weapons will be added to the game, they did mention that multiple weapons were being added to various categories. So all players should have something to look forward to, regardless of their weapon preferences. The developers have also hinted at an inclusion of an Advanced UAV scorestreak that would not only show the player’s location, but also the direction they are facing.