Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Community Update: New events and challenges coming this week

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Community Update: New events and challenges coming this week
Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Community Update: New events and challenges coming this week

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Community Update: Today Activision has announced a new community update of Call of Duty Mobile Season 7. It comes with the many new event and challenges which will be available in the game later this week. There are a great many options available for you now, whether it is Cyber Attack, Scrapyard 2019, Ozuna: Kill Confirmed, or Battle Royale’s Solid Gold mode, but as you can see in the schedule and in the roadmap there is still more on the way. There is a great mixture of new and revamped content available to play now, but if you are looking for something particularly fresh feeling make sure to try out the Payout S&D mode when it launches next week!

Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the week:

  • 09/01 ~ Two New Seasonal Challenges (Crossbow time!)
  • 09/03 – 09/09 ~ Pistols, Sticks and Snipers (MP playlist)
  • 09/03 – 09/12 ~ BR Solid Gold Mode
  • 09/03 – 09/16 ~ Royal Renegade Draw
  • 09/03 – 09/16 ~ Cyber Attack Featured Event
  • 09/06 – 09/12 ~ Shoot the Ship 24/7 (MP Playlist)
  • 09/06 – 09/16 ~ 10v10 Collection
  • 09/10 – 09/16 ~ BR Tank Battle Mode
  • 09/10 ~ Next Credit Store Update
  • 09/10 – 09/19 ~ Payout S&D Mode (MP)

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Cyber Attack – Featured Event
The main featured event of CoD Mobile Season 7: Elite of Elite has arrived and Zero needs your help and guidance in-game now! Level up Zero by playing matches in Multiplayer or Battle Royale in order to unlock new stories in her bio. Through those snippets, you’ll learn about her mission to track down and investigate the dangerous and illicit Nova 6 Gas, and how all roads always seem to lead back to the Five Knights.

Leveling up Zero isn’t just useful for lore purposes, but the higher her level the higher your probabilities are of getting the best items when sending her out on operations. Through operations, you can snag items like the epic Charm – Crow Feather, SKS – Technic Turret, credits, rare camos, and weapon XP.

However, the main reward most players will be seeking is Zero – Dark Ops herself! If you manage to level her up to the max level you’ll unlock the Zero – Dark Ops operator. This event is available for a limited time and each operation you send Zero on has a 6-hour cooldown, so make sure to jump in now and start collecting new rewards on top of working to find out more about Zero’s past.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Community Update: New events and challenges coming this week

Seasonal Challenges
Two more seasonal challenges have arrived this week and with them comes a secondary weapon that we’ve surprisingly seen many passionate players earn gold camos on already. The Crossbow is available now and also various PP19 – Bizons camos in the Blue-Ribbon Solider challenge. All of the details on those two new challenges can be found below!

Blue Ribbon Soldier
This six-part seasonal challenge is all focused on Ranked Matches, both BR and MP, and for the most dedicated players out there. There are a variety of tasks here ranging from just playing Ranked Matches to the extremely challenging earn 3 relentless medals. For completing all of these you’ll bring in 16,000 Battle XP and the following rewards

  • (Uncommon) SMRS – Scarab
  • (Uncommon) PP19 Bizon – Scarab
  • (Rare) Calling Card – Jug Out
  • (Rare) PP19 Bizon – Colorweave

Target Practice
This seven-part seasonal challenge is entirely focused on Multiplayer and showing that you can complete a variety of skill-based tasks that are focused on precision. To acquire the coveted Crossbow you’ll need to use the Sparrow Operator Skill, get One Shot, One Kill medals, take enemies out with shotguns and pistols, and a few more tasks. For completing all of those tasks you’ll earn 19,000 Battle Pass XP and the following rewards:

  • (Uncommon) MW11 – Scarab
  • (Uncommon) Striker – Scarab
  • (Uncommon) Spray – The Big Guns
  • (Rare) Fennec – Colorweave

Final Notes
Next week we’ll be back with another update that will surprisingly mark our halfway point for CoD Mobile Season 7: Elite of the Elite, but that also means we’ll have more events and modes dropping, like Payload S&D, the new MP Map – Monastery, a new Legendary operator, a unique event that we haven’t announced yet but are excited to reveal! We’ll also be starting to share glimpses about the upcoming season beyond what you are going to see now in the test build.

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