Call of Duty New Event ‘Haunting of Verdansk Halloween’ is spookier than ever, Check Out

Call of Duty New Event 'Haunting of Verdansk Halloween'

While fans enjoy the beta, Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War as gamers make pre-orders. The excitement continues for COD gamers as Warzone’s A Haunting of Verdansk COD Halloween event is now online. Discover everything form Night Mode to A Haunting of Verdansk in Warzone here.

Lets start with taking look at the bundles, which include Operators for both Leather face and Billy the Puppet, along with tons of other themed customization. Another new bundle is for Dr. Karlov, “an infamous Verdansk urban legend that defines the regional Halloween folklore.

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“Driven to a point of no return after countless failures in his laboratory deep inside the Gulag, Dr. Karlov became obsessed with electricity and energy-charged weaponry, testing it often in ‘experiments’ on those who dared to wander near his hideout,” Activision said.

This COD Halloween event trailer confirms themed bundles for both Texas Chainsaw Massacre and SAW. We may even get to see more.


Night Mode should come out in Call Of Duty Warzone on October 20th.

As a part of the A Haunting of Verdansk event, Night Mode is scheduled to come out on the aforementioned date as per the Warzone Season 6 roadmap.

In regard to how long the event and limited-time experience will last, Activision’s road map says that it will conclude on November 3rd.



From the start of The Haunting of Verdansk until its end, 16 designated areas in Warzone have a chance of spawning Trick or Treat Supply Boxes. These special caches have a chance at awarding the operator who opened it a permanent item unique to each area, such as a Blueprint weapon or calling card.

Of course, the Trick or Treat Supply Box could also contain a “Trick” instead of these “Treats.” While the trick itself will deal no damage, expect it to be horrifying both visually and audibly.

This all happens during an active match, so needless to say, this is the one time where fighting over Trick or Treating is perfectly acceptable.

There are two ways to track your progress during this event: either in-game on the Tac Map screen, or in the COD Warzone menu through the “Halloween Event” section. This sub menu contains an overview of the event, including a map of all locations where Trick or Treat Supply Boxes can be found that also acts as a progress tracker. After successfully receiving an area’s reward from a Trick or Treat Box, a check mark will appear over the location on this map and over the item in the reward showcase below it.

It’s likely that the A Haunting of Verdansk will begin in Warzone once everyone has finished with Black Ops Cold War.

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